Andom Ghebreghiorgis For Congress

Because of his long last name the gimmick for this candidate is to go by his first name Andom for Congress. He is running in the 16th Congressional district against current Congressman Eliot Engel. Andom says that the Congressman is out of touch with the district, and that Engel is being supported by those who want to keep the current system of depriving minorities.

Andom is from Mount Vernon, and spoke of a second grade teacher that engaged all the students of a well-diversified class that included him. The teacher taught her students to respect each other which served as a catalyst for Andom, including this race for congress. Andom attended Fieldston School in Riverdale, saying that he was one of the few black students in the school. Andom went to Yale, and is currently a teacher in the Bronx.

Andom went on to talk about what he said were the inequalities about the school system, and then the country in general. Some of his aims are Housing for All, a $15.00 federal minimum wage, Medicare for All, the New Green Deal, paid college, and the priorities that people want.

Andom said that billions of dollars are wasted on foreign aid to countries. He then attacked Congressman Engel on his pro-Israel position supporting new right wing settlements in the occupied territories. Andom said that Engel supports the current leadership of Israel, as well as knocking Engel on several other items.

Andom said that he was a teacher in a school that only had white leadership for an all minority school, and that the school needed more resources than it received. He seemed to jump from one subject to another in trying to get his message across to the crowd gathered to hear him.

Others who gave announced their candidacy for the 16th Congressional district against current Congressman Eliot Engel are Jamaal Bowman, Sammy Ravelo, and Kenneth Belvin.

Photo of Andom Ghebreghiorgis.
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