Street Renaming for 2nd Lt. John N. Sekul

Second Lieutenant John N. Sekul was the co-pilot of the nine member flight crew of the ‘Wham! Bam! Thank You, Ma’m’ World War II bomber shot down over Germany in August of 1944. These nine crew members when caught became members of the Russelshelm Death March where they were killed one by one.

The corner of Newbold and Havermeyer Avenues with a third street sign covered up.

This information was told by Richard Vitacco, the President of the East Bronx History Forum after a march across Newbold Avenue from the Unionport American Legion Post to the corner of Newbold and Havermeyer Avenues where the co-naming of the corner took place.

Bronx County American Legion Commander Peter Del Debbio speaks. East Bronx Historian Richard Vitacco and Ricardo Garcia of the American Legion Unionport Post stand to the commander’s left.
Second Lieutenant John N. Sekul Place is unveiled.
The family of John N. Sekul is given a second street sign to have by Councilman Ruben Diaz Sr.
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