Bronx Fashion Week Show at the Mall In Bay Plaza

Saturday afternoon was the Annual Bronx Fashion Week Show known as A Taste of the Bronx in the mall at Bay Plaza. This year the Fashion Show was brought down from the third to the first floor, and those who attended were not disappointed. 

The very talented and lovely Caridad de la Luz.

Before the Fashion Show restaurants from inside the large shopping area in Bay Plaza gave out samples of their food, along with a few other home entrepreneurs of Bling. There were samples from Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Dallas BBQ, and Starbucks to name a few.

The fashion show was hosted by the lovely Caridad de la Luz who mixed in the various entertainment as the talented models changed outfits. Bronx Fashion Week was an idea of Flora Montes, who wanted people to know that they didn’t have to travel into Manhattan to see top quality fashion. All the fashion designers for Bronx Fashion Week were Bronx based. 

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