Clean Up and Mulchfest on Pelham Parkway

Saturday morning if you walked across Pelham Parkway North at Wallace Avenue there was a giant pile of mulch left for the Friends of Pelham Parkway to place around the trees there. 

The huge pile of mulch to be put around trees.

Over twenty-five people of all ages came to weed, and plant mulch around the trees. The removal of weeds around the smaller trees is important as not to let the weeds hurt them. Mulch helps retain water and insulate the soil from heat and cold. The next project for the friends of Pelham Parkway will be to plant 2,000 daffodils on November 2nd at 10 AM at he corner of Wallace Avenue and Pelham Parkway North.

First weeds had to be taken out before mulch could be put down.
Mulch was also placed in the flower garden by Wallace Avenue.
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