Police Have to Talk Down Distressed Woman From Jumping

It was at the beginning of the Friday rush hour, but police had to close down Morris Park Avenue in the Van Nest neighborhood to all traffic at Unionport Road. A distressed woman climbed out over a roof threatening to jump. EMS was on the scene and several police cars from the 49th precinct raced to the scene including the commanding officer Captain Natiw. 

A distressed woman paces on a rooftop threatening to jump.

The woman climbs over the railing only to collapse on the ledge.

As the police officers were at the window the woman climbed over the railing, then collapsed on a ledge. Police officers then moved in to bring her back inside. Captain Natiw told me that the unidentified woman had a problem with a boyfriend and was taken to Jacobi Hospital for observation. Morris Park Avenue was closed almost one hour both ways during the standoff.

Police officers move in to bring the woman back over the railing and inside,
Captain Natiw lets Jacobi Hospital that they will be receiving a distressed woman for observation.
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