Police Action on BX12 Select Bus

Police Action on BX12 Select Bus #5560 on Pelham Parkway

Police car after police car lights ablaze and sirens blasting went zooming and zipping across Pelhem Parkway until stopping Coop-City bound Bx 12 Select buss #5560 at three o’clock Sunday afternoon as the bus crossed Williamsbridge Road. 

The MTA bus was stopped in the boundary of the 49th precinct, but the police cars were from the 46th and 48th precincts. One police car had used the service road to speed past the bus to turn around ahead of the bus forcing it to stop.A short time later the police cars speed off towards Coop-City, and bus #5560 was on its way once again. 

BX 12 Select Bus # 5560 surrounded by police cars of the 46th and 48th police cars with one police car in front of the bus that stopped the bus.

Before arriving at the 49th Precinct house I stopped at a broken down BX 12 bus # 5786 at the Eastchester Road bus stop. I asked the MTA supervisor at the scene what had happened to Bus #5560, and the answer I received was “I don’t know anything”. Upon arriving at the 49th Precinct house that was the same answer I received from the officer claiming to be in charge “I don’t know anything”. 

I later called the downtown Police headquarters DCPI unit to try to find out what went on Bus #5560, and what the officers from the 46th and 48th precincts were looking for. Detective Shelton of the DCPI unit also said that she knew nothing of what I was talking about, and asked me to send the photo I had and any information I had about what I seen. Detective Shelton said I would be notified by the DCPI unit when they found out what happened. This story will be updated when, and if the DCPI unit, Captain Natiw of the 49th precinct, or Police Commissioner Shea tells me what happened so I can let you the reader know.

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