4th Annual 12th District Ball

It may have been the 4th annual 12th District Ball, but it almost was a no show for the First Lady of the 12th Council District. First Lady Neva Shillingford-King was recently in the hospital, and a sad Councilman Andy King said that this would be the first time the First Lady of the 12th Council district would not be in attendance.  

Councilman Andy King with his wife NevaShillingford-King after it was said that she wold not be in attendance.
Leyla Capers of the Lion King performs for the audience.

Councilman King’s despair turned to joy when the first Lady of the 12th Council District showed up. He escorted her to her seat, and the show continued. Leyla Capers who plays Young Nala in the Lion King gave a tremendous¬†singing performance, Emcee Sha Rock and Councilman King took turns calling up the Honorees, then there was another musical performance. It seemed like Councilman Kings favorite saying “People Pay Attention to Those Who Participate” was on display.

A group photo of all the honorees, coming from all parts of the 12th council district or having served the 12th council district.
Current District Leader and candidate for the 32nd State Senate District John Perez was on hand to support Councilman King.
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