Peace December January 2020 Dinner

Friday January 3rd was the first Peace December meeting and community dinner of 2020. People of all ethnic backgrounds filled the Al-Shaib Community room on Westchester Avenue. Sheikh Musa Drammeh introduced first time visitor Assemblyman Michael Benedetto. Benedetto started out as a teacher retiring after a thirty-five year career next going into politics running against two different Republican elected officials who narrowly defeated him at a time in the late 1970’s. In 1980 the Bronx Democratic Party leaders maintained a non-aggression pact with the Bronx Republican Party allowing Benedetto’s Republican opponent to run and win the Democratic primary. In 1981 Benedetto became a co-founder of a very successful East Bronx newspaper. After the paper set its niche he decided to run for elected office, and was elected to the New York State Assembly in 2004. His point was that if you are determined to do something you can do it. 

The Chairman of the Al-Shaib Community Center Yaseen Saaib welcomes everyone to the meeting before turning the meeting over to Sheikh Musa Drammeh.

  Next to speak was a friend and frequent visitor of the Al-Shaib Community room 87th A.D. District Leader John Perez who received a warm welcome as usual. District Leader John Perez said that he was running for the 32nd State Senate this year in the Democratic Primary, and while he has given his help to Al-Shaib in the past years, this year he would need the help of the members of the community to win his election. Sheikh Musa Drammeh said this is why there was a voter registration drive of the community to become more of a voice in who will represent the community. State Senate candidate John Perez then sat down to a loud clapping of hands. 

Sheikh Musa Drammah gives a little biography of Assemblyman Michael Benedetto before introducing him.

  City Councilman Fernando Cabrera was next to speak, and announce that he was running for the 14th Congressional District Councilman Cabrera spoke of a few of his accomplishments in the city council, saying that his next goal was to bring real representation to the 14th Congressional District, and the communities within the district. After Councilman Cabrera Community District Education Council 8 President Farah DeSpeignes spoke on the schools in School District 8 , and the options offered.

After speaking State Senate candidate John Perez is congratulated by City Councilman Fernando Cabrera for Mr. Perez’s fine work in the community, before Councilman Cabrera addressed those who in attendance.

Sheikh Musa Drammeh then spoke about the importance of voting because the elected officials listen to those who vote for them. There was then a free supper provided by the Al-Shaib Community Center. 

A group photo of the members of the Al-Shaib community and their guests.

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