Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association Meeting

The first meeting of the new year for the Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association took place on Tuesday January 14th. The guest speakers were Mr. Sam A. Forson of the U.S. Census Bureau , Ms. Effie Ardizzone New York City Environmental Protection Bronx Borough Coordinator, and tips from the 49th Precinct and crime report.

Sam Forson of the U.S. Census

The meeting last long as there were many questions about Census 2020, and what comes from it. It is very important to have each and every individual counted, as federal monies and representation in congress is based on the census count. There are estimates that New York State has decreased in population to the point that one or even two congressional seats may be taken away and placed in other states whose population has grown as much as New York’s has decreased.¬† There are also jobs that are still available with the U.S. census Bureau in many different capacities. go to the U.S. Census¬†Bureau web site to find out more on jobs available, and for other questions about Census 2020.

Effie Ardizzone gave a little detail on the many different areas her agency (the old DEP) handles. Drinking water and its reservoirs, the sewer systems, storm water run off, and your water bill which continues to grow as the EPA spends more money to upgrade the systems it has in place.

Ms. Effie Ardizzone Bronx Borough Cordinator for the NYCEPA.

Finally the Crime Prevention officer gave a report on being alert as you walk, and not having your head buried in a cell phone or ears covered with buds so you can not hear what is going on around you. Do not leave anything in plain view in your car, because even a few quarters can become a target for someone to steal. Crime has stayed flat as the year changed, but that does not mean it can not go up if people are not careful.

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