Bronx DA: Bronx Prosecutor Receives Morgenthau Award


Chief of Strategic Enforcement/Intergovernmental Relations Kerry Chicon

Will Be Honored by DAASNY Today

Bronx District Attorney Darcel D. Clark today announced that Assistant District Attorney Kerry Chicon is a recipient of the Morgenthau Award from the District Attorneys Association of New York (DAASNY).

          District Attorney Clark said, “Kerry is deserving of this prestigious award, because she fulfills the dual role of a modern prosecutor: improving public safety and seeking alternatives to prosecution for fair justice. Since she joined the Office two years ago, Kerry has enhanced crime strategies as well as community justice programs for low-level offenders, our Overdose Avoidance and Recovery (OAR) program, and Reentry Initiatives to assist those returning from jail or prison. I am proud that Kerry has been chosen for this distinguished honor.”

           Ms. Chicon joined the Bronx District Attorney’s Office in February 2018, as Chief of the Strategic Enforcement/Intergovernmental Relations Division, which includes the Crime Strategies Unit, Alternatives to Incarceration Bureau, the Technical Investigation Unit and Forensic Science Unit. She is currently in the process of revamping information technology throughout the Office to improve transparency. 

           Prior to joining the Office, Ms. Chicon served for 18 years in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office–under DA Morgenthau for 10 years–where she tried numerous violent felonies. As Chief of the Crime Strategies Unit, Ms. Chicon conducted multi-strategy work to help reduce crime in Manhattan and created gun and gang violence prevention efforts.

           The Morgenthau Award was established in 2009 and honors one Assistant District Attorney from each of four regions of New York State. The award, named after Robert M. Morgenthau, legendary New York County District Attorney, is given to individuals who embody the same professional accomplishments, integrity and commitment to justice Mr. Morgenthau possessed.

           Ms. Chicon will receive the award today at DAASNY’s Annual Awards Luncheon of the 2020 Winter Conference at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Manhattan.

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