Bronx State Senate Budget Meeting

Thursday Night at Lehman College State Senators Alessandra Biaggi, Gustavo Rivera, Marcos Serrano, and Luis Sepulveda heard comments from the public on the upcoming state budget to be passed this year by the state legislature. Governor Cuomo has already presented a draft of how he expects to close an over six billion dollar gap in Medicaid costs in the upcoming fiscal year 2020/2021. The state fiscal year runs from July 1st, to June 30th.  

The rules for the meeting were on the wall near the State Senators.

 Each state senator gave a brief outline of the committees they are on or chair. then it was on to comments from the public. While there were many good comments, throughout the night however it seemed that every other and even back to back speakers were interested in only one subject, that being charter schools. Speakers promoted the Urban Dove Charter School, and one other charter school in the South Bronx. It got to a point that Senator Biaggi’s aide had to ask that speakers who are to talk about any topics already covered allow other speakers talk, but that did not work as the charter school advocates and charter school students continued to speak. 

State Senator Alessandra Biaggi opened the meeting by 7 PM as the clock in the upper left corner shows. State Senators Marcos Serrano, Gustavo Rivera, and Luis Sepulveda are seated at the table.

 While there were speakers who talked about the medicaid cuts to the state budget, State Senator Gustavo Rivera answered the questions as best he could, not knowing what the final budget would be. Senator Rivera was also the first to leave heading to another event midway through this event. Senator Biaggi mentioned that she will be interviewed by the Riverdale Press, but her district wraps around Throggs Neck into the South Bronx. The crowd thinned out as the night went on, as many speakers left after they spoke. One topic that was in last years state budget “the New No Cash Bail Law”, did not receive any questions as to if in this years budget would be changed due to the rising crime rats. 

Jai Nanda the Executive Director of the Urban Dove Charter school Network speaks, and he was followed by speakers who were pro charter schools advocates or students who made up more than half of the speakers.
Senator Biaggi closes the meeting, as you can see the time is 8:30 PM.
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