What You Should Know: Delegation Visits Guánica, PR

You should know that this Tuesday, February 11th at 11:00 am I will be visiting the city of Guánica in Puerto Rico. A delegation of people including Council Member Rafael Salamanca, Jr., Federico Pérez, Gumersindo Martinez, George Álvarez, Angel Gaud, Leila Martinez and John Zaccaro, will be accompanying me on this humanitarian visit to one of the most affected cities by the recent earthquakes on the island.

As you know, on January 18th, The New York Hispanic Clergy Organization organized a humanitarian relief effort to collect goods for those affected by recent earthquakes. This relief effort took place on Southern Boulevard and Aldus Street in Bronx County.

NYS Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul recently visited a church in Puerto Rico damaged in an earthquake.

You should also know, many parties were involved in this effort including Bronx Borough President Rubén Diaz, Jr., Councilman Rafael Salamanca, Assemblyman Marco Crespo, 41st Police Precinct, Community Board # 2, Freddy Pérez, Jr., other elected officials, Radio Vision Cristiana, Frankie and Coralie Hernandez of La Flor de Mayo, and many other members of the community. The goods were shipped to Puerto Rico, where the Cristo Viene Evangelistic Association, Inc., were responsible to organize the upcoming distribution.

Now, we will travel to Puerto Rico to take part in the distribution of everything donated by our community, and hopefully alleviate the pain and need that exists among those affected by earthquakes.

I wish to express my gratitude to all the volunteers who participated during our relief effort. Although we know we cannot eliminate all needs, we can bring a little love from the Bronx and its citizens to our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico.

Our delegation will leave for Puerto Rico on Monday morning, February 10th and with the help of our God we will return on Thursday February 13th.

I am Council Member Rev. Rubén Diaz and this is what you should know.

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