NYCFC Without Yankee Stadium And No End In Sight

By Rich Mancuso/Sports Editor

NYCFC is again in turmoil with their inability to host games at Yankee Stadium. With their MLS season set to commence against Dallas FC at Yankee Stadium on March 16th, the team Wednesday night played the second round of the CONCACAF Champions League Round of 16 elsewhere.

The issue is playing the game, important to their fan base, at the Red Bulls Arena in Harrison, New Jersey. The Red Bulls are a main rival of NYCFC,

But the issue again is NYCFC not having the availability of hosting an important game at Yankee Stadium, home turf of the team since their inception in 2015.

Yankee Stadium is not available as the turf and venue are not ready for conversion to soccer. Citi Filed, home of the Mets, was also not available as that field is in process of getting new turf and ready for the Mets home opener in four weeks against the Washington Nationals.

Citi Field will also host six MLS-NYCFC matches this season as an alternative to the Yankees schedule. Also, playing at Citi Field will alleviate the need of causing a gap in games on the schedule for NYCFC with Yankee Stadium not available.

But the game Wednesday night at the Red Bulls Arena has caused a stir with the NYCFC fan base. Many did not go across the GW Bridge or take public transit to protest the game being played at a rival home field.

Instead, they opted to stay home and watch the game on FS1 cable. Many planned a protest outside the Red Bulls venue. and others were venturing to the Dugout an establishment by Yankee Stadium to view the game.

“We need a stable home field and this is not looking good,” said a loyal NYCFC season ticket holder. “When will fans and this team get a home field that is considered home. This game tonight at that arena is an example that it is time to finally build and secure a true home field for our guys in blue.”

NYCFC has been through a hurdle in their attempts at securing a venue that would not cause them to find alternatives other than Yankee Stadium. City officials. last year, were in talks about the vacant space in a vicinity of Yankee Stadium.

But those plans have not moved forward. There has been some resistance from the community and a stall as to where the money would come from to build a facility for NYCFC.

The Yankees could not be reached for comment. They also have a minor share of ownership with NYCFC.

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