Some Local Banks go Drive Up – or by Appointment Only Banking

After checking many local East Bronx banks, the larger ones like Chase, TD Bank, and Citibank branches are keeping their lobbies closed for ‘By Appointment only’ or having drive up teller window only. This is being done to protect the bank employee from catching COVID-19 .

TD Bank at Pelham Parkway and White Plains Road where the door to the bank was locked with two security guards and a branch manager behind the locked door.

TD Bank on Williamsbridge Road told customers if you want lobby service go to the Pelham Parkway branch. Upon arriving there cutomers were greeted by two security guards and a manager behind the locked doors asking if customers had appointment. Customers were told to use the ATM or wait up to thirty minutes to finally get in to make a transaction with a teller. 

A close up of ‘Open by Appointment only’ and branch hours crossed off.

Cross Country Bank located at 791 Morris Park Avenue does not have a drive up window, and the branch manager said that customers are let in five at a time for banking services, while there is hourly cleaning of the common areas for everyone’s safety. 

Angry TD Bank customers who wanted to know why they could not do regular banking at this branch.
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