The Bronx Chronicle Veteran of the Week

Sam Danial

Award: Veterans’ Hall of Fame

Year: 2007

In recognition of his meritorious military service and his decades of tireless advocacy on behalf of his fellow veterans, Sam Danial has earned a place among the elite veterans of the Empire State.

After serving in the United States Army during World War II, Mr. Danial became a leading advocate for veterans’ affairs in Central New York. Mr. Danial served as the State Commander of the Disabled American Veterans from 1976 to 1977 and became Chairman of the Onondaga County Veterans Service Advisory Board in 1979.

This distinguished veteran also led the charge to establish the Onondaga County Veterans Memorial Cemetery in 1987, which honors those who have dedicated portions of their lives to the military in defense of our nation. Mr. Danial was also instrumental in improving the Onondaga County War Memorial while serving as chairman of the facility’s renovation committee from 1991 to 1993. He continues to work on the War Memorial Oversight Committee, and he is Co-chairman of the War-Memorial Tour-Guide Program.

For his many contributions, the “Veteran of the Year Award” was presented to Mr. Danial during a ceremony at the Onondaga County War Memorial in 1999.

Mr. Danial has also been an active member of several committees at the Syracuse V.A. Hospital, including the Community Advisory Committee and the Work Therapy Program. He also founded the Syracuse V.A. Nurse’s Scholarship and Medical Education Program. He is the recipient of the 1996 Syracuse V.A. Hospital Veteran Service Award.

Mr. Danial continues to serve as a voice for veterans in the community as the Vice-chairman of the Congressman James T. Walsh Veteran Advisory Committee, Co-chairman of the CNY Long Term Care Task Force, and Chairman of the Onondaga County Veterans Service Advisory Board.

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