Election update: vote by mail in June 23 election

Good news: all New Yorkers will be able to vote by mail in the June 23 election, per an Executive Order this week from Governor Cuomo.We encourage you to vote by mail, if you can, to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and ensure that in-person voting is available to those who truly need it. If you are eager to request your mail-in ballot today (you have until June 16 to do so), the current process is admittedly a bit cumbersome:1. Download and print the absentee ballot request form available on our website.2. Fill in your info, and be sure to indicate “temporary illness” as the reason in question 1. (Cuomo’s order expanded the definition to include the risk of contracting the coronavirus.)3. Mail the completed form to your borough’s Board of Elections by June 16. Addresses are on page 2 of the print-at-home form.HOW TO VOTE ABSENTEE   

Do I really need a printer to do this? The governor’s Executive Order calls for the Board of Elections to create an electronic request system for absentee ballots. The EO was just issued last night, so the electronic system isn’t in place yet, but we will share more information as soon as we have it, likely within the next few weeks. You could also call the Board of Elections (212-487-5400, open M-F, 9a-5p) and ask them to mail you a request form if you just can’t wait! (This is what they advised on Twitter.)How can I help?Thanks for asking! If you do have an at-home printer, you could help your neighbors by printing out a stack of absentee ballot request forms and leaving them in your building mail room or lobby for others who do not. You could also share our posts on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.As you probably know by now, we created a page to share updates on elections and coronavirus in NYC. 

For the latest information, visit www.nyccfb.info/coronavirus.READ CORONAVIRUS UPDATESThanks for voting (by mail),
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