Easter Bunny Visits Allerton Avenue

Normally there would be a crowd of people here in front of the Sanz to welcome the Easter Bunny to Allerton Avenue, but Saturday April 11,2020 was no normal day. This was the day Coronavirus 2020 death rate was peaking with people having been advised to stay indoors for weeks, with schools closed, and the mayor saying that school would be out for the rest of the school year. It was war against COVID-19 according to the Mayor, Governor, and the President.

All that bad news however could not stop the Allerton Avenue Easter Bunny from hopping up and down Allerton greeting store keepers who stayed open, and the few people out getting essentials for their families. The Easter Bunny came upon a block long line at the CVS on Allerton Avenue, and gave out candy, easter egg, and took pictures with with some of the customers on line. 

The Easter Bunny stopped at this fruit stand at the corner of Allerton Avenue and White Plains Road for some carrots, but all he could find was some lettuce.

Here, the Easter Bunny thanks the firemen of Engine 32 for their service during this Pandemic.

Here the Easter Bunny hands out some candy on Allerton Avenue.

Here, another child wanted to be with the Easter Bunny on Allerton Avenue.

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