Council Member Fernando Cabrera Calls for Bronx Field Hospital and Additional Safety Measures For the Borough

Bronx, NY-  Council Member Fernando Cabrera today called for a field hospital in the Bronx to stop the spread of coronavirus infection in the borough most devastated by the crisis.  “We were told a field hospital was going to open in Van Cortlandt Park,” said Cabrera.  “We desperately need facilities that can give relief to our over-burdened hospitals and places to keep self-quarantined people away from family members and spreading the virus at home.”  

The Bronx has the highest infection rate per 100,000 people in the city, as well as the worst health outcomes in the state of New York.  “We are 62nd of 62 counties in the state in health outcomes- at the very bottom. The Bronx is the poorest county in New York state.  We have more people here working for low wages without paid sick leave, forcing them to go to work even when they are sick, living in crowded housing situations, while families and friends “double up” to save money and avoid homelessness,” said Cabrera.  “Evidence is showing that people with the virus who are advised to self-quarantine at home are infecting family members.  Most Bronxites are not living in private homes with a basement or attic or spare bedrooms where they can isolate themselves from family members or stay six feet away.  We are not going to stop the spread outside if we don’t stop the spread inside.  Large cities in other states, including Florida, Wisconsin and North Carolina [1]are doing this, so we have models to look at.”  

While field hospitals were located in Manhattan in Central Park and the Javits Center and the USNS Comfort arrived in New York Harbor in recent weeks, the Bronx remains extremely vulnerable with no such similar support.

“We need the field hospital in Van Cortlandt Park that was promised to the Bronx.  We need hotel rooms, dormitory rooms or other suitable spaces where people can be isolated from family members.  We need tests and PPE.  The data showing racial disparities are now well known, while the hardest hit borough continues to struggle.  I’m calling on state and local leadership to give us the help we need.”

Council Member Cabrera is available for interviews.

Council Member Fernando Cabrera has proudly served the 14th District since 2010

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