The coronavirus pandemic knocked us on our proverbial rear ends.

The corona virus pandemic knocked us on our proverbial rear ends. Our leaders set norms that we should follow in order to minimize the spread of this virus sent to us by China. Such as social distancing , wearing masks and stay at home. We as patriotic Americans adhered to these new norms while doing so our governor and mayor “Big Bird” De Bozo were observed violating the very guidelines that they imposed on us. Case in point Andrew Cuomo Was observed speaking with people less than 12 inches away. While DeBozo was caught by the media ( with his full NYPD escort unit) going to his favorite Gym in Brooklyn. When asked by the news person he said I have to stay physically fit in order to lead NYC. What a joke! What a jerk. He must think his constituents are obtuse. In our current plight he is a Zero. As mayor he has wasted more money on stupid projects . His attempt to eliminate horse drawn carriages, buying peppermint tinted trash bags for our parks. Oh I almost forgot his road diet program by which he took great business district and eliminated traffic lanes. Building bike lanes that are seldom used his unintended accomplishment small businesses were devastated. By limited parking for their customers. Now he is planning ticker tape parades for our first responders and 4th of July fireworks. Families are suffering both mentally and financially their loved ones lost to the dreaded pandemic are being buried in ditches on Potters Field namely Hart Island . New York politicians are famous for giving themselves pay raises . Raising taxes , causing an exodus of Our fellow citizens to flee to states with less taxes and smarter governments,

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