Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams Brings 3,000 Face Masks to the Bronx

In two separate Bronx events Monday Brooklyn Borough President (and 2021 NYC Mayoral candidate) Eric Adams gave out 3,000 face masks to Bronx residents.

Councilman Rafael Salamanca has just put a bag of fruit and vegetables in this mans cart, as he points to Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams who is giving out face mask.

At noon Brooklyn BP Adam arrived at the Michelangelo Apartments (located at 225 East 149th Street) to join Council Rafael Salamanca who was giving out baskets of fruits and vegetables provided by the Hunts Point Market, to residents. BP Adams assisted Councilman Salamanca while giving out 1,500 face masks during this event.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is being interviewed for a television station, keeping a safe distance from the reporter during the interview, a face masks are given out behind him.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams then took a ride up to Coop-City to meet his good friend Councilman Andy King, where BP Adams and Councilman King gave out 1,500 face masks to people who were on line. They also got to see and meet Eric Adams who could possibly be the next mayor of New York City. It should also be noted that both Councilmen Andy King and Rafael Salamanca have been mentioned as possible Bronx Borough President candidates in 2021 when current Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. is term limited out of office.

In Coop-City Councilman Andy King points to Brooklyn Borough President (and mayoral candidate) Eric Adams, who is giving out face masks to the residents of Coop-City.
Councilman King and Brooklyn BP Adams pose with two member of Riverbay the Coop Board that runs Coop-City.
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