Food Giveaway by Assemblywoman Reyes and Assemblyman Blake

The public schedule for Assemblyman (and Congressional candidate) Michael Blake said that at 1 PM he and Assemblywoman Karenes Reyes R.N. would be distributing food to the community. 

Boxes of food were placed all over Assemblywoman Reyes’s office separated by community group.

Assemblywoman Reyes’s staff and some volunteers had stacked two hundred boxes packed with various food items from Fresh Direct into different areas of her office for distribution to various community groups. Assemblyman Blake had already left when I arrived at 1 PM, and Assemblywoman Reyes’s Chief of Staff said that the Assemblywoman was not going to be in attendance either. That was understandable since the assemblywoman was doing her old job as a nurse helping out during this Pandemic. 

Inside each box was Cereal, Pasta, Canned Fish, Vegetables and Snacks.

The boxes of food were to be placed into vehicles once a person from the group arrived. 

This car was being loaded with boxes of food for the Castle Hill Betterment.
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