Essential Workers Appreciation Day at Workman’s Circle MultiCare Center

Tuesday, Layla Capers the star of the Lion King was joined by Councilman Andy King, State Senator Jamaal Bailey, and many others to honor our ‘Essential Workers’.

Councilman King, Senator Bailey, and Ms. Layla Capers with many of the Essential Workers showing the Bronx X.

Those in attendance included the Commanding Officers of the 45th and 47th Police Precincts, Department of Sanitation officials, Local postal workers, home aides, hospital workers, and the staff from the Workman’s Circle Multicare Center and its CEO Soloman Rutenberg.

Ms. Layla Capers singing a song from the Lion King, as Councilman Andy King claps along in celebration of the Essential Workers.

This were thank you speeches from Councilman King, and Senator Bailey, a blessing of all the essential workers, and a performance by the star of the Lion King Ms. Layla Capers in celebration of our Essential Workers.
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