Remember The Meaning Of Memorial Day And The Pandemic

This Memorial Day is different as we honor those who served this country and became our fallen heroes. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused the difference.  

This columnist roamed around the Pelham Bay community this holiday weekend. There were hardly any American flags in front of homes that are usually evident . Many stores remained closed and the few open used the social distancing guidelines that are the new norm.

Honestly, and to get the point across, people can be ignorant in regard to the meaning of this holiday. Observing social distancing guidelines and wearing that protective face covering to them is denial that we are still in a crisis.

Memorial Day, and those without a backyard have not got the message and ignore social distancing. They congregate outside and in front of buildings.They ignore the safety guidelines which can only lead to more speculation that COVID-19 will not go away.

They seem to ignore that we are in a pandemic. They seem to ignore that we are in a global health crisis. New York City, the Bronx in particular, remains an epicenter.

Numbers may be on the decline but we are still in this. We should be observing the guidelines that have been asked by health and government officials.. 

Pelham Bay Park is a popular spot. They congregate there. Yes, it is difficult to stay in isolation with partial openings occurring in counties of New York, though, this does not define the ignorance of those who ignore the guidelines to stay safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19 to others.

Which brings to a thought about Memorial Day. Yes, it is different this year. Ceremonies to honor those who were brave and sacrificed for this country are few.  Baseball, the national pastime, we are without this Memorial Day. 

But we can pause for a moment and honor those on this day.  

Back in February, and before the norm of our nation changed, yours truly visited Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. On the hilltop viewed the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We viewed in the distance of the Capitol Building.

We walked  up and down the paths, observing the many white gravesites all in consecutive rows. It provided a perspective and always will of those who were brave and sacrificed for our freedom,

The message here is not to forget what this day is about. The other is to have respect for the American flag, regardless of what political affiliation you have. 

And to respect those near you by continuing to obey the guidelines of social distancing and safety.  Remember we are in this together and this Coronavirus pandemic is far from over.

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