Assemblywoman Joiner and Bronx Terminal Market Give Out Food and Supplies to the Community

Friday morning people lined up behind the Bronx Terminal Market to pick up groceries, masks, hand sanitizer, and meals provided by Assemblywoman Latoya Joiner and the Bronx Terminal Market.

The long line of people waiting outside the Bronx Terminal Market.
Assemblywoman Joiner places this box of Fresh Direct groceries into this woman’s shopping cart. District Leader Yves Filus assists his assemblywoman.

There were boxes of groceries provided by Fresh Direct, and more bags of groceries provided by the supermarket in the Bronx Terminal Market. Face masks and a large bottle of hand sanitizer along with meals provided by Applebee’s and Pastelito Feast were also given to the people who came to the giveaway. This event was coordinated between Ms. Janet Jimenez of the Bronx Terminal Market and Assemblywoman Latoya Joiner.

The line of tables that were set up with different items that people need including a hot meal from Applebee’s.
After everything was given out Assemblywoman Joiner joins the workers from the Bronx Terminal Market, and other volunteers as they cheer their good work.
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