Fourth of July Leftovers

People all over the Bronx and other parts of the city complained of fireworks going off for two weeks before the Fourth of July holiday. This year it seemed like every night leading up to Independence Day fireworks big and small were being set off until the AM hours. There were complaints to 311, 911, and on social media wondering when the fireworks would stop, and what the police were doing to stop it. Mayor de Blasio finally set up a Fireworks Commission to stop the illegal fireworks. It seemed to work, but after two days the fireworks were back. 

This residue of fireworks was just left where it was set off without being cleaned away.

Forward to July 4th. even before it got dark fireworks were being set off. If you checked Facebook you could view people showing the fireworks around them as they filmed from their balconies. Others just had someone filming the various fireworks they had set up, and were setting off. Comments of “It looks like a war zone out there”, were common, and lasted into the AM. 

This pathway is littered with firecrackers and other firework residue.

If you walked around this morning to see the piles of spent fireworks there was one thing that you could see in almost all of the packages that were left. That was the words ‘Made in China’. The real question would have to be if fireworks are illegal how did all that fireworks get into the state, city, and the Bronx? The photos come from the North and South sides of Pelham Parkway. 

This batch of fireworks was placed in a trash bag after being used.
Not only were there fireworks, but a mess after the party.
The ‘Made in China’ label was found on almost every package of fireworks.
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