Yankee Stadium Business Area Gets Ready For Friday Home Opener

The delay in the New York Yankee home opener gave some area businesses extra time to set up for the weekend series with Yankee arch rival Boston Red Sox. Stan’s Sports Bar, Across from the ‘Real House That Ruth Built’ was putting on finishing touches for Opening Day 2020. It may be after the traditional All Star Game time, no fans in Yankee Stadium for the home opener, no patrons allowed to eat or drink inside, but Stan’s Sports Bar is looking for fans to come out across the street from Yankee Stadium for a beer, drink, and some of Stan’s great food as they watch the game against the Red Sox on televisions outside, as they did inside during an away game.

A view of Stan’s Sports Bar touting the slogan ‘Across from the Real House That Ruth Built’. Street barricades are being built to hold tables and chairs for outside eating and drinking.


A look inside Stan’s Sports Bar.

As is now the standard in New York City, all restaurants and bars can not have any patrons eating or drinking inside of the premises, only outside. Many bars have been fined by the State Liquor Authority, and some have lost their liquor license for disobeying that special COVID-19 law. While he has lost half the seasons worth of business, Stan’s owner Michael Rendino has hopes for the second half, playoffs, and World Series crowds.

Tables and chairs await for the home opener to be placed outside in the street cafe area.
Stan’s owner Michael Rendino being interviewed about his hopes for the rest of the baseball season.
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