49th Precinct Sector A Build A Block Meeting

Wednesday night 49th Precinct Sector A NCO officers Stephen Brancatelli and Patrick Nicewitz held a meeting with less than the limit of people allowed by COVID-19 rules. The two Neighborhood Coordination Officers went over the new position of Youth Coordination Officers (YCO) and their role in the community working with various ages of children. They also went over the two areas of increased crime that being commercial and residential burglaries and car theft better known as Grand Theft Auto.

Crime Prevention Officer Medero with NCO officers Brancatelli (L) and Nicewitz (R).

Crime Prevention Officer Mederos was introduced, and went over the two most stolen vehicles, any Honda vehicle or parts of a Honda, and Ford Econoline vans used by various businesses that are used by service people and have tools in them. He mentioned the robbery of two teens that seem to have been done by the same person(s), but said it does not represent a pattern of crimes. He and the NCO officers took questions that ranged from noise complaints in Sector A to the murder of an individual in a different sector of the precinct. 

Youth NCO Officers Fernandez (L) and Worten (R) with the Sector A NCO Officers.

The Youth Coordination Officers were then introduced, Officers Fernandez and Worten. They briefly described their duties of working to keep the youth of the precinct in sector A out of trouble by various ways of activities. 
The 49th Precinct is broken into four sectors A, B, C, and Housing. The next sector meeting will be the Housing sector on Wednesday August 12th, 6:30 PM at 3016 Yates Avenue.

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