Three Supreme Court Judges nominated at Bronx Democratic Party Judicial Convention

With the Board of Elections finally declaring the results of the June 23rd 2020 Primary official, The Bronx Democratic Party got down to it’s Judicial Convention to nominate three highly qualified candidates to run on the Democratic Party Line for Supreme Court in the November General Election. Normally having the Democratic Party line in the Bronx means you are the winner since the real race is the Democratic Primary in the Bronx. 

The three Supreme Court Judge Democratic nominees (L-R) Judge Kim Adair Wilson, Councilman Andrew Cohen, and Judge Bianca Perez.

However this is 2020, it took the Board of Elections over six weeks to count all the paper ballots, Tropical Storm Isaias hit the Bronx last week with many people losing power for several days, and the mayor declared that public schools will be open only to a Hybrid type of learning, with many parents choosing not to send their children to school at all. So what might happen in the General Election where people will either be choosing a new president or sending the current president back to Washington D.C. for another four years.

On the Dias (L-R) Stanley Schlein Esq. elected Chair of the convention, Acting Bronx Democratic County Leader Assemblywoman Latoya Joiner, Political Director Daniel Johnson, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz.

Nominated for Justices of the Supreme Court in the 12 District were current Civil Court Judge Kim Adair Wilson, current Councilman Andrew Cohen, and Civil Court Judge Bianca Perez. All three Democratic candidates are expected to win their races, but this is 2020.

Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez nominates Councilman Andrew Cohen to the bench, speaking about the influence the councilman has had on her political career.
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