Pro Police Rally in Northwest Bronx

Over 100 people marched from the street where the 50th Precinct is (West 236th Street), up Broadway to Van Cortlandt Park where there was a Pro Police rally. The event was organized by former police officer/congressional candidate Sammy Ravelo. 

The rally goers march north on Broadway to Van Cortlandt Park.

At Van Cortlandt Park a platform was set up where Mr. Ravelo and others gave speeches about the lack of respect police officers face from not only the public, but most of the elected officials. PBA President Pat Lynch said that Mayor de Blasio, Public Advocate Williams, and City Council Speaker Johnson are hampering effective police work. Lynch also said ‘Enough is Enough’ calling for the mayor and city council speaker to admit they made a mistake when it comes to the NYPD. Riverdale Rabbi Levi Shemtov said that all lives matter, and it is the police officers who do not get the respect they deserve for keeping the city safe. 

The stage that was set up in Van Cortlandt Park in the field area, with Mr. Ravelo welcoming everyone.

A similar Pro Police rally in the 49th Precinct was held in Morris Park’s Loretto Park in early July which drew about two-hundred people. There will be a Pro Police Rally in the 45th Precinct on August 30th. The plans are not finalized as of yet. 

PBA President Pat Lynch pulled no punches during his speech saying that his union and other police unions would be seeking their own candidates for the upcoming city council elections.
Riverdale Rabbi Levi Shemtov had only words of praise for the men in blue, and those in the 50th Precinct who cover the area.
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