Saturday Clean Up In Poe Park

Saturday was Clean Up Poe Park day for State Senator Gustavo Rivera and Congressman Adriano Espaillat. Poe Park is located on the Grand Concourse at East 192nd street, and over a dozen others joined the state senator and congressman, including 15th City council candidates Elisa Crespo and Oswald Felez.

State Senator Gustavo Rivera bends down to pick up a used syringe.

Congressman Adriano Espaillat knows how to use a trash picker as he deposits this piece of trash into the waiting trash bag.

State Senator Rivera did not want me to take a photo of the used syringe he picked up among the leaves, but did not say not to mention what is too often found in Poe Park, that being a used syringe. The clean up of the block long park went well with seven bags of trash filled. The Parks Department was on hand to provide trash pickers, rakes, brooms, and trash bags for the clean up.

The volunteers stand behind the full trash bags and other trash that was picked up by the Parks Department.

(L-R) 15th City Council candidate Elisa Crespo, Community Activist Jose Padilla, and 15th City Council candidate Oswald Feliz.

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