Bronx Republican Party Shows Off John Cummings For Congress and Its November Candidates

Wednesday night the Bronx Republican Party showcased its candidates for the November 3rd General Election. The slate of candidates is led by President Donald Trump, who is seeking a second term as President of the United States. 

Bronx Republican Party Leader Michael Rendino (center), 14th Congressional candidate John Cummings (left), and 80th A.D. Assembly candidate Gene Defrancis (right).

John Cummings is the candidate of the Republican and Conservative Parties. He challenges incumbent Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and is considered an underdog. During his speech he said that his opponent is a socialist who wants to cut out the middle class by having people dependent on government programs so the people can then be controlled by the socialist in power. He mentioned giving two-thousand dollars to a local VFW Post to help pay postage for care packages when his opponent refused to. He added it is about neighborhoods. and keeping the middle class in place who have home ownership, and are not dependent on a socialist government. He urged the almost two-hundred people who came to the rally to sign up to help him, get their friends to join his movement to become the new Congressman from the 14th District, and to most of all vote in the general election.

14th Congressional candidate John Cummings addresses the crowd.

Other candidates on hand included Gene Defrancis who is running in the 80th Assembly District against incumbent Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez. Candidate Defrancis said that his opponent is already looking ahead of her assembly race announcing that she is running for Bronx Borough President. He added that she would be defeated come election day.

80th Assembly candidate Gene Defrancis addresses the crowd.

Patrick Delices 15th Congressional District, and James Giondi 34th State Senate District were also on hand. 

Some of the crowd that went around both corners of the Middletown Road Republican Party Headquarters.

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