City Council Votes 48 – 2 to Expel Councilman Andy King

Monday Afternoon the City Council held a vote on a resolution to expel City Councilman Andy King on charges of ethics violations brought out by the Ethics Committee of the City Council. There were three times the Ethics Committee run by Republican City Councilman Steven Matteo brought Councilman King before the committee. No charges were filed by any law enforcement authority. Councilman Andy King has already brought a lawsuit against the city and city council in federal court. The two no votes were Council members Andy King and Ruben Diaz Sr. 

Councilman Andy King in a statement said they (the members of the City Council) did not review any of the evidence presented against me during the hearing. Many of my colleagues condemned sexual harassment before casting their vote.  I like them, repudiate sexual harassment in any form, and have always worked to ensure that woman’s rights are protected, supported and enriched.  This case had nothing to do with sexual harassment. 

The people of my district will not be disenfranchised nor dictated to by the mighty and powerful, who work to suppress the voices of black and brown people across this city. Not one member of the City Council in the history of this body has been expelled for conduct that does not constitute a crime. I will be addressing this disparity with my lawyers, and working hard to protect the rights of the people in my district— whose voices were stolen and silenced today. 

Councilman Andy King and his lawyers and supporters at a Friday Press Conference addressing the issue of his expulsion resolution.

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