New York City Department of Traffic Getting Tough on Those Who Park in Red Zones

If you park in a Red Zone (No Standing Anytime) you are liable to have your car booted, and then towed away by the New York City Department of Traffic. 

The NYCDOT tow truck at the corner of Pelham Parkway South and Wallace Avenue.

Saturday morning I came upon a situation where I saw a NYCDOT tow truck on Pelham Parkway South at Wallace Avenue. I asked the tow truck operator what was going on, and she politely answered I am here to pick up the car that has been booted in the Red Zone. 

The car with a boot on its front passenger wheel, which is clearly parked in a Red ‘No Standing Anytime’ Zone.

After crossing the street I saw a boot that was placed on the front passenger tire so the car could not be moved out of the Red Zone it was in. There was also a ticket on the car’s windshield. 

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