Matters of Faith: Living in Your Gift

Reverend J. Loren Russell

Romans 12:6-8 NKJV
“Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, let us prophesy in proportion to our faith; 7 or ministry, let us use it in our ministering; he who teaches, in teaching; 8 he who exhorts, in exhortation; he who gives, with liberality; he who leads, with diligence; he who shows mercy, with cheerfulness.”

Have you ever heard the expression, “What you do speaks so loudly we can’t hear what you’re saying?” As babies, we never do anything. The only thing babies can do is be babies. As we journey through life, our focus shifts from being who we are and begins focusing on the things we do. We begin describing ourselves by what we “do” rather than “who” we are. Our conversations are often about what we do for a living rather than who we are as a person. Jesus asked his disciples to consider the lilies of the field. He said they are more beautiful than Solomon’s temple, yet they do not do so much as toil or spin. Jesus goes on to say that they are cared for, not because of what they do, but for who or what they are! They are busy being flowers.

The scripture text from Paul to the Romans shows us that we are more important to God than flowers. As God’s supreme creation, we can choose, and many times we choose ‘doing’ over ‘being.’ Paul shows how each person is gifted with specific abilities that make each of us different from everyone else. Those gifts make us who we are and guide us in the things we do. The challenge for us is to uncover, discover, and learn what those gifts are.

That is best accomplished by finding out who you are. Are you a prophet, a minister, a teacher, an encourager, a benefactor, a leader, a man or woman of mercy? Once you know who you are, you can choose to be that person in whatever you do. You will know what you have been destined to do, what gifts the Lord has given to you that makes you the unique person that you are, and who you were created to be. What you do is of little value if you do not know who you are.
When a person knows who they are, they never have to worry about their doing because everything they do will be consistent with who they are. In other words, they will be the person they were designed to be in whatever endeavor they engage. It is the difference between role and identity; a role is what you do, an identity is who you are, it’s your gift. Discover it, embrace it, live it, and be it!

Be Blessed!

Rev. J. Loren Russell is President/CEO of The JLR Company for Church Financial Strategy & Consulting; an associate minister at both Goodwill and The Greater Universal Baptist Churches in the Bronx; and creator & host of “Matters of Faith – The Radio Show” Mondays 8:00 – 10:00 PM on Facebook LIVE and Matters of Faith YouTube channel.

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