Suspect Taken in For Alleged Possession of a Gun in 49th Precinct

Saturday Six 49th Precinct police cars converged on the corner of Williamsbridge Road and Pelham Parkway South around a gray Infiniti with New Jersey plates. The driver of the Infinity was taken into custody and the car taken to the 49th precinct. 
So why was the driver taken into custody, and why were there six police cars that responded? 
In the photo above police officers from the 49th Precinct at 3:05 PM appear to have the driver outside the car in handcuffs, while two other police officers appear to be talking to someone inside the car. A young lady then steps out of the car, but is not arrested. As the police are taking the driver away I ask her what happened. The unidentified young lady says a car was following them, the driver called the police to say that the driver of the infinity had a gun, and the police stopped the car and took him into custody. A police officer then told the young lady that since she could not drive the car that it would be driven to the 49th Precinct by a police officer. The young lady was also asked to go to the precinct house.  
Wearing my NYPD issued Media Identification I asked one of the two sergeants who was on the scene why the driver was being taken into custody, but received no answer from him. At 4:30 PM I called the 49th Precinct and was told by the person who answered the phone they knew nothing about what I was talking about. I asked to speak to the officer in charge, and was told there was no one in charge at the precinct. 
I then called downtown to the DCPI unit. The Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information (DCPI) who works with the media. I said who I was, what I saw, and asked why was the driver taken into custody and the car impounded? I was told nothing came into the DCPI unit, and to call back later. 
At 7:30 PM, four and a half hours after the incident I repeated my question, wanting to know what happened for this story. Once again I was told the DCPI unit had nothing on this., so I decided to write this story without any information from the 49th Precinct or the DCPI unit of the NYPD, and just what I saw, heard, and was told by what appeared to be the passenger of the car where the driver was taken into custody, and the car impounded at the 49th Precinct house.

The unidentified Young lady outside the car between two police officers.

The driver of the Infiniti with New Jersey
plates is handcuffed and about to be placed in a police
car. One police officer by the young lady turns to see
what I am doing.

The driver of the Infiniti is now being led to a
police car to be brought to the 49th Precinct.p

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