Stimulus Bill…

The new so called stimulus bill, does not stimulate anything but American anger. It is justified anger and shows how out of touch the political elites truly are. What a joke and what a mockery of the American system the halls of Congress are trying to implement with this bill. This stimulus bill is an example of the corruption and stupidity of Washington DC and the political elite from both parties that is documented in 6,000 pages of paperwork for all to see. Read it, study it and you will see stupid everywhere. 

The political games that are being played here and perpetrated and protected by the corrupt press are yet another example of the deep and damaging corruption of the political and media elite. For money and power, they have played us all in the great divide that is not real but made to appear to be real. 

First, if this is a stimulus bill to help Americans, it failed. These elites are trying to fix what they broke when they shutdown millions of small American businesses by the governments typical overreach. They shut it down because of their lack of understanding of the “full science” of the coronavirus. Like the typical politician they practice medicine, science, trade, and finance without a license. This bill should have only been about fixing what they broke. But now they are on some delusional trip again about how they are going to save the world when they cannot even save a single job.

Second, most of the 6,000 pages were not about solving the American suffering caused by crazy governmental policies but instead this ongoing and never-ending delusional practice they have that we are going to save the rest of the nations of the world. Some of this is so ridiculous because we are giving these countries money to spend on things, we feel they need that we do not even spend on ourselves. This from a group of Government elites who could not run a profitable lemonade stand on a street corner with a bunch of kids. The elites bankrupted the country with $27 trillion in debt and yet they want to lecture American businesses on how to run their businesses, what a joke. I mean really what complete insanity is that? They break it, they do not know how they broke it, and then they claim to know how to fix it? Of course, when you see the fix you understand they are as clueless about how to fix it as to understanding how they broke it in the first place. 

Third, this is not a stimulus program, this is a pork program. They should be working on “the protect the American people program.” What the heck did they think was going to happen when they shut down the American economy down? Did they think they could give the American people a $600 to cover the cost of their complete ineptness? Are you kidding me? They wipe out American businesses by the millions affected tens of millions of people with these crazy policies and wipe out trillions of dollars in worth from the very people who pay the taxes. They then suggest that somehow $600 is going to stimulate the economy. That is not stimulating the economy that is a con job. A complete con job. 

I swear to God that a group of kindergarten children in seven days could come up with a program better than this. And these people worked on it for seven months. In that seven months they made $100k each at least that we paid them via our taxes. We protect them and they abuse the people they swore and oath to protect. Well, they failed that oath, but they have their personal greed oath well protected. 

Let me put it to you another way that second stimulus package should have been done six months ago to cover the expenses of the American people whose livelihood they wiped out. So, they essentially paid them $100 a month for each of the six months they waited to get their job done. But to add insult to injury, the American people were paying sales tax and every other kind of tax at a rate greater than $100 a month. So, the only thing they gave the American people in this proposal was the shaft. Oh, and you pay taxes on the $600. 

We do not need these so called “lawyer politicians” who have complicated everything in our lives and who cannot simplify anything. Heck they do not even know how the internet works and they claim they are doing to save the planet? It is a joke because they are a joke.  No, what we need are common sense everyday Americans to run America. These know-it-all elites have run the same American ship into the ground over and over again. And then they get in front of the cameras to proclaim how smart they are, how knowledgeable they are, on every subject known to mankind. And what is scary is the believe they are just that smart. Talk about delusional!

The only way you produce a bill like this is total and complete corruption throughout the entire system. The Democratic and Republican parties are beyond corrupt, and everybody needs to understand they are corrupt. Neither of them has the higher moral ground and are simply different sides of the same bad penny. While some of them may be good, the systems they have created to protect themselves are the essence of the corruption we see manifested in this bill.

Seriously how long do we have to put up with this kind of nonsense and act like it is normal?  Between the political elites of both parties and the completely compromised “opinion” press who could not write a real news story today, there is no honest or healthy dialogue and there is no real debate that is meaningful and needed. These elites shut down all debates even within and among the medical, scientific, and business communities, turn everything into a political war machine with a central control kind of mentality by a bunch of globalists who should not be in control based on their awful results over the last fifty years.

Forth, the bill should have focused on two areas. One how to bail out American families and second how to bail out American small businesses that they destroyed. There is no comprehensive program for the restaurant industry that they completely annihilated off the face of the earth. There is no comprehensive program for all the small businesses that were sacrificed to save the big businesses like Costco and Walmart and others. And in saying that I am not bashing these large American businesses they just got special privileges that the small businesses did not get. It is unfair and un-American. 

I mean it is not even common sense to think that a small, tiny business with a few customers has to shut down because of the virus when they are not anywhere near a super spreader of the virus like a typical Walmart is. I assume everyone is smart enough by now to know we are all going to get COVID just like we all get the flu and while it is not fun it is unavoidable. Acting like they are going to save us as they destroy us is the greatest irony of all. And the fact of the matter they have not proven that anything that they are doing actually has slowed or stop the spread. In fact, there’s evidence to indicate everything they are doing has increased the spread. But that is what happens when you take medicine, and you make it political because politicians are an expert at blaming everything on everybody else other than themselves. Politics that was meant to protect us is the biggest blood sport on the earth, and it is all fake phony and fraudulent. 

Do not get me wrong this is not under playing the impact of the virus, but the medical community still argues everything that we do every day, and the arguments are good on both sides. But the arguments are hidden from view, for purposes none of us know. 

So, when I look at all this and I think about these elites who rule over us like we are their subjects, I ask myself, are you kidding me?  Do I look stupid?  Do the American people look that stupid? But apparently our politicians believe that we are just that stupid, because they put these stupid policies in front of us and believe that like a bunch of sheep we will just go along. Fact is for years we have just gone along. 

And what is a wiped-out American going to do with $600? That is not a stimulus program, that barely pays the food bill for one family for one month. Millions went the last seven months with nothing. It was these same political elites that took away their businesses, their dignity, then shame force them to wear a mask when many scientists say it makes it worse (but that cannot be vetted or debated and is shut down) then told Americans to stay inside, stop the education of your children all in the name of science when the science says the opposite about kids. Then they told us to stay away from our own families on Thanksgiving Day while they take off on trips to be with their families. Now if that is not an example of an elitist, I do not know what is! And we cannot even fire them because they are above the law and made themselves the law. They cannot be sued for anything or held to account for any of it. 

Fifth, it is intellectually dishonest to call something a COVID stimulus bill. When it is packed with nation building pork spending that is then hidden away from the American public’s view until it is then passed for the President to sign. Thank God he did not sign it and said make it $2,000 per person and kill all the pork and nation building.  And worse yet the nations around the world getting a handout half of which are our sworn enemies knew more about what the bill would do for them than us. Honestly, that is a special kind of stupid. We are being led by a completely incompetent congress at a time when we need total competency. We are being led by elitist who hide in the shadows with a million secrets, with a million hidden political agendas, when we need a bright light everywhere and total transparency on everything.

None of that nation building stuff should be included in this package, zero. We need to prove to the world that we can get our own house in order before we start talking to them about how they get their house in order.

I am here to declare I believe in America first, I believe in the American people first, and it is their tax money that these elitists have no business in spreading our national wealth around the world acting like they are buying international friends. Some of these leaders want us to be popular around the world and they are convinced the only way to do it is if I give these countries that hate us money, they will love us. I am so sick of this nonsense. 

All you have to know about these supposed genius diplomats is what they did with Iran, they give Iran $150 billion to delay building a nuclear arsenal that they have never stop trying to build. Knowing in the end Iran has the full intention of building a nuclear arsenal. Even during this agreed period of time Iran has been trying to buy nukes from Russia.  I tend to believe the real intentions of the Iranian leaders of when they say, death to America, and we will destroy the West. Again, a small child in sixth grade could see and reason clearly that giving $150 billion to a country that swears to destroy you would not be a good idea. This is the kind of diplomacy that creates wars, it does not prevent them.

So, I am sorry to say, I do not trust our political elites I do not trust the current American political system because our politicians broke the American system of trust and then created a series of double standards that is so obvious that we sit back and wonder what should we do? It is almost like watching a movie where the people have a power but the insane control of people. It is a horrible Hollywood script that we are living in real life.

Nobody wants to be a sheep and yet we are all acting like sheep. Nobody wants to protest or do a sit in but everybody including me wants to complain on social media and privately about how stupid everything has gotten. Everybody is expecting somebody to do something else to fix this problem that is obvious to all of us. And what is worse everybody knows we are on a very, very bad path. We are all smart enough to know if we do nothing it is going to lead to a horrible conclusion.

The Federal government, the State governments, and local governments have basically shut down the American economy. They have been very clever of how they have presented it as if they are protecting us, and yet they are in real time stripping away our very dignity and our very way of life. The bad thing about being a sheep for too long is it eventually the sheep get slaughtered. In reality my outward personality is sheep like in terms of being docile, kind, and nice. Heck I have kids and grandkids and I want to be that way for them. Those who are docile are lovely to be around, however in truth there are way too many wolves who in sheep’s clothing act like they are the protectors when they are the great destroyers. In truth I am a lion; I protect sheep and I eat the wolves. 

So, what do a pack of lions do in this case? Well, they speak up speak up and speak out, they organize in their communities, they get organized their States, and they rise up and lend their voices to reason. and they shout it all out from the rooftops because lions are not going to be canceled, they are not going to be shamed. They are going to roar the truth and they are going to tell it boldly. They go on massive strikes, work stoppages they do whatever it takes to stop the insanity. The government has already shut everything down anyway and soon will ask us for more conformity. So, the only alternative lions have with sheep is to peacefully shut the government down by large scale peaceful disobedience, until these elite’s fear losing their false sense of power and self-importance and begin to understand that the American people are tired of this and them. We do not need violence, we do not need a Civil War, we do not need a Revolution, what we need civil disobedience on a massive scale. That is what people in power fear the most because now they no longer control the sheep. 

Peaceful civil disobedience on a massive scale is one thing we can learn from two great leaders in our lifetime, First, is Mahatma Gandhi in India and second, is Martin Luther King in America. Both of them never fired a shot but were able to change the world through peaceful disobedience on a massive scale. Interesting to note that a shot was fired that took both of their lives. So ironic that these two lions were shot like they were sheep, what made them great is they valued freedom more than their own lives and that is what made them lions. 

How do you stop elitist stupidity? How do you stop the dangerous insanity? How do you stop corruption and criminal behavior? Well, you do not do it by being a sheep, you do it by being plain spoken lion and putting a spotlight on the nonsense. Then you keep the spotlight on it until all the known rats and cockroaches run from the light and disappear into the darkness of night where they belong,

And when people disagree with you when you roar be polite, be respectful, but call out their actions for what they are and never stop shining a light on stupidity, insanity, and corruption. We have everything to lose, starting with our country, our freedoms and even our family structures. For the first time in my life, I feel my freedoms are being stripped away, for the first time I am starting to understand with more clarity what I will do for my freedom and the freedoms of my family and friends… I will do everything, I will be fearless, I will be a lion; I will protect the sheep and I will eat the wolves

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