‘SHARING IS CARING DAY’ from Councilman Andy King and the Bronx YEP

Christmas Eve was the 15th ‘Sharing is Caring Day’ for the Wakefield community and fifteen soldiers from the area. Councilman Andy King, his wife Neva, and the Bronx Youth Empowerment Program members gave back to the community and thanked those who chose to join the army. 

Councilman King greets the soldiers outside the hall.

As is the annual custom of sharing at the holiday time,  tables were set up in the JP Hall with all different gifts and clothing that was being given to the soldiers and community.

YEP Public Relations Chair Ayana Sheppard is speaking about Sharing is Caring Day. Also in the photo is Councilman King, YEP President Victor Rodriguez, and YEP Vice-President Aaliyah Sheppard,

Meals were prepared by Karibbean Flavar by Chef K for everyone to take home and have a delicious homemade meal.

The two bicycles given away went to Jahnia and Ethan.

Councilman King said it is important to share what you have with the community. The importance of having the soldiers at the event was because Councilman King’s father served in the Korean War.

the delicious meals that were prepared by Karibbean Flavor by Chef K, and given to all to take home.
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