Bronx Chronical Editorial

Hello Bronx Chronicle Readers,

I was elated to be asked to write a story and contribute to the editorial column.  The editor had read some previous writing I did. I was excited, I immediately called my wife to tell her of my good news. I thought about it the rest of the day, I was on cloud nine. Then fear and reality hit!! What the hell am I going to write about and contribute? I took a bit of time to get my thoughts together. There is after all so much going on in the country these days. But I decided my first column be a little deeper, a little more personal.

People today are skeptical about the news, their politicians, even lifelong friends, just because they have a different political view. We say it all the time but now more than ever, we need to stay close to family and good friends. I’m in my sixties now, but my mind still tells me l’m twenty. I think that’s a joke God likes to play on us. “Yea I feel good” then the next day you get out of bed, “why is my ankle killing me. It didn’t hurt when I went to bed”. As my grandfather use to tell me “stay young at heart even if your body can’t”.

I was born and lived in Brooklyn till I was twelve, but my closest friends are all from the Bronx. A girlfriend recently passed away who I dated years ago. She grew up in the Castle Hill area. That really upset me. RIP Gigi. Makes me think about my age. We never know if we’ll be here tomorrow. Don’t let the small stuff bother you. The ones you love, tell them so, TODAY! On a high note, I’m married almost thirty-eight years to be beautiful woman also from the Bronx. East 233rd Street. What is it with these beautiful Bronx women who I’ve always been attracted to?? She has blessed with three beautiful children who now have given me four beautiful grandchildren. Forgive me if I rambled here with my first column. As the Terminator say in the movies, ” I’LL BE BACK”. I’ve got a lot to say. Happy New Year to all.

Talk Soon

Steve Caruso


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