Liberals made me

What liberals will never understand about President Trump and his “so called” followers…
Trump doesn’t have followers as liberals would claim. Trump really didn’t lead a movement, he engaged in a movement that was already there. This is why attacking Trump non-stop by the liberals never worked with those who supported him nor will it ever work. And this is what liberals don’t understand.
Trump only expressed what he saw as the frustration of the vast majority of loyal hard working Americans of all income brackets, all races, all genders, of all ages, within all religions and all sexual orientations, you know the forgotten ones, whose conservative voices had been collectively silenced for three decades.
Truly we didn’t follow Trump, Trump followed us. Because liberals wrongly believed that Trump lead us they felt safe that they could attacked him thinking that if they silenced and controlled him they could control us. That was their first BIG MISTAKE! And because they don’t understand that they will continue to make more big mistakes assuming everything wrong about a Trump supporter.
Then the liberal lies came, starting with the biggest lie that Trump was a racist. A man who prior to running cor President had received every award that anyone could get from the black community. Today Trump still has countless African-American who were and remain his life long close personal friend. He fought back in the say within his newly owned golf and country club for both Jews and Blacks to be allowed to be members. The press showed if you take anyone out of context purposely and for a sustained period time, you can transform them into everything they are not. That is the dangerous power of a deceitful press. They can take a lie make it appear to be a truth and then stirred up enough false hate to cheat history of its real truth.
Of course then this media lie of racism was extended to those who Trump had followed and represented that we were also racist. That was a bigger lie and a very BIG MISTAKE! That is when I knew the press was fake the day the started lying about me and 80 million others like me and they added to the lies about me and never stopped. In fact it is still going on today.
But it got worse because the liberal used their ideology to justify both lies and illegal behavior from which they justified everything. Fake Russian dossier paid by the Democratic national committee. The fake impeachment and fake traps set by the leadership of the FBI and CIA who had become ideologues of a political machine rather than impartial law-enforcement of an unbiased law agency.  
It was a fight to death from the start when 70 congressional democrats didn’t show up for Trump’s inauguration and then delegitimize the President from day one and started the plans and processes of impeachment. It’s interesting as a listen Democrats talk about Trump they never talk about policies, they talk about an elusive false image created of Trump by the media of a man that truly doesn’t exist that they crowned with the name Trump. They created a avatar nothing more and called it racist. 
Here’s the thing, Trump simply follow the feelings that the American people had about policies. They were not racist policies, they were not xenophobic policies, they were not anti-Muslim policies, they were just simple policies to protect the American people, to protect our economy and to protect our way of life. 
Every time Trump was quoted it was taken out of context to make it appear that he said something other than what he actually said. And this is because the news media outlets knew that people would not look at the entire context of what he said they would simply believe the talking heads of those who are corrupt ideologically. With each claim by the press I will go back and listen to the video tape to validate what they were saying because it was so outrageous. And each time it was false it was in accurate it was misleading it was missing context and content. Warning labels should’ve been put on all of it like Facebook does today. But the double standard is alive and well and will never allow that to happen.
What is amazing is who created those feelings for the right? Well the liberals will tell you it was Trump but for all those who showed up at rallies it was the liberals. The liberals overwhelming hate of conservatives like me was so great, it created people like me. Trump didn’t do that, the libs did. Trump just took a play from the liberals playbook and named called and they hated it. Only they could do that not Trump! He gave Conservatives a back bone and taught them how to use the same tactics of liberals. The liberals hate that too. And double down that we are nothing more that deplorable. Well here is a list I suppose what makes me a deplorable to liberals.
1. I’m a deplorable because I want term limits. I do not like the corruption that comes from serving more than one term.
2. I’ m a deplorable because I want to verify that every legal vote is counted and every illegal vote is eliminated. I do not like feeling like this last election had major fraud and abuse that is trying to be swept under the carpet as if my lying eyes saw nothing.
3. I’m a deplorable because I want people to come into the country legally and not to come in the country illegally so that we can do background checks and understand who is coming in to our homeland. That doesn’t make me anti-immigrant that makes me love immigrants. 
4. I’m a deplorable because I want to balance budget amendment. And this is an issue I have with both of Republican and Democratic parties. It’s dangerous and it is corrupt.
5. I’m a deplorable because I think the Democratic and Republican parties are inherently corrupt. Well I feel one party is definitely more corrupt than the other one it doesn’t matter to me when I know they’re both corrupt and I want them both gone
6. I’m a deplorable because I don’t want my religion eliminated when I walk in any door it is part of who I am. It’s a false narrative separation of church and state I am an American and I’m a religious person at the same time it’s the same person. I don’t invalidate those who are not at my faith and I don’t invalidate those of no faith.
7. I’m a deplorable because there’s something terribly wrong with late term abortion‘s. It’s not like I don’t understand abortion for rape and incest or for the health of the mother. But for gods sake‘s it’s repulsive to think that you could terminate a life of a baby that’s eight months or nine months in the womb.
8. I’m a deplorable because I think the government is too large, too expensive, and does too little based on the amount of money we give to them. All I have to do is look at $27 trillion in debt and know that both parties are equally responsible for this debacle that put us into the slavery of debt
9. I’m a deplorable because I believe in gun rights. I’m still waiting for them to work on laws related to the mentally ill because in every mass shooting somebody warned that the person was mentally ill and the laws protected them instead of society. That’s just stupid. 
10. I’m a deplorable because I wanted to wall to prevent the cartel from abusing our borders from sex trafficking drug trafficking and abuse of our laws inside our own country. They’re 80,000 bodies buried on the other side of that wall that just went up. The cartel has abused and used our laws against us and unfortunately the liberals brought into all of this nonsense that walls don’t work when there’s evidence of countries all over the earth with walls including the compounds that liberals elites hide behind right now with their walls. To add insult to injury we give money to other countries to build walls to protect their borders there’s the irony of ironies. And it’s money we can’t afford yeah we do it anyway.
11. I am a deplorable because I think we waste money around the world like a drunken sailor buying influence from nations who are only using us, who work against us and who appear to give kickbacks to politicians for those billions being sent abroad
12. I am a deplorable because I think we’re over regulated.  we have multiple agencies to do the same thing with regulations that actually counter each other. And many of these regulations aren’t even approved by Congress. They are approve by bureaucrats deep inside a government building who use great power over the American people without representation. even worse they’re not held accountable or responsible for many disastrous decisions they have made.
13. I am a deplorable because I think we have enter into wars that we should’ve never entered into and have been doing it for at least 60 years. Both parties have initiated these wars and both parties have a prove these wars it’s repugnant. 
14. I am a deplorable because I think the tax structure is complex, unfair and doesn’t make sense. And the tax laws have a million work arounds for those who don’t need a work around.
15. I’m a deplorable because I believe in free speech and think that censorship is dangerous. I believe in it so much that I wanna hear people that I absolutely disagree with.
16. I’m a deplorable because I see a double standard with the politically elite and the double standard within one political ideology. I watch the absolute corrupt get away with the blatant corruption consistently.
17. I’m a deplorable because I see higher education has overcharged and use the governments funding to do it. These universities have completely ripped off our students and ripped off our government and ripped off the taxpayers and are absolutely corrupt. 
 18. I am  a deplorable because I see free trade as fair trade not free trade that is unfair. I’m tired of protecting the trade of other countries at the expense of our country and it is obvious to me that politicians couldn’t negotiate their way out of a wet paper stack if their life depended on it. 
19. I’m a deplorable because I see favoritism given to large corporations that small businesses simply never have an opportunity do you have access to. Look at the response to the pandemic and see how many small businesses were wiped out in favor of the larger businesses it’s disgusting what government has done with his heavy hand to injure the small at the benefit of the large and powerful. 
20. I am a deplorable because I see the heavy hand of government is too active in my personal life. To tell me how many members of my family I can have over for Thanksgiving dinner or over for Christmas is unbelievable to witness. They honestly feel like I cannot reason or think with the information they provide me to protect my own family that they have to do it for me. Well frankly they’ve done a lousy job of protecting me so why should I trust them at all.
Now the Liberals synthesize all of these things I am deplorable about and simply decided to just call me one name. They called me a racist. It’s designed to shut me down shut me up have me sit in the corner have me be shamed and lectured to. This when I have family members who come from every race, I have family members every sexual orientation, and family, members of every possible religion including those who have no religion at all. liberals don’t know me, they obviously don’t know anything about me, they try to put me in a box i don’t fit in, and into a pigeonhole to label me, brand me and silence me. BIG MISTAKE! 
I’ve come to the conclusion that while the liberals have done a good job of defining themselves as the moral elite police. They frankly have no right to defined me, no right to brand me a racist or call me by any name. They can address me with one name, I am an American.
You know what created me? The liberals who try to shame me, silence me, and cancel culture me into oblivion. 
Liberals truly have made me feel like they hate me, and they need to reprogram me, to think like them, and save me from me. Well i like me, thank you very much. How can I not feel like they hate me when all I hear on their liberal platforms is I am a racist. By the way this is how I knew that everything they were saying was manipulated and teach millions hate an American like me. And for what purpose? To have power over me and to have me to be devoid of free speech free thought and free will? Really does anyone think that is smart? I wouldn’t do that to liberals because I love Freedom of thought expression without censorship and the word police. 
What President Trump did for people like me, millions of people like me is he taught us how to speak up, speak out, and fight back like liberals do. And when I use the words fight back, I mean fight within the world of ideas. People use these tactics of silence and censorship when they can’t win the war of ideas. They fear the loss of arguments to better ideas because it takes away power from the elite.
If I talk to somebody who is a true hard core liberal they always and I mean always want me to hate somebody as much as they do. I’ve just learned that liberalism is the politics of hate, it uses name-calling and shaming as part of its justification for its hate.
Noticed that I use the word liberal, because true Democrats are not liberals at all, they are center right and I have found most to be reasonable about policy issues. Then notice that I didn’t use the word Republicans instead I use the word conservative because they are center right. And of course what the news media does is use the tiny extremes of each party (who are really not in either party) to say that everybody in the party is either a socialist on the liberal side or a racist on the conservative side and both are profoundly false…
So if you are a liberal and read this and you don’t like me, then remember this. Trump didn’t make me, you did… And that was your BIG MISTAKE!
I am not a racist, I am an American with an opinion unique to me. I sm unique because given the thousands of issues that face us I will never find another person out of 350 million Americans who will be in lock step with me. I am not a one issue voter, I am a many issues voter and I vote on policies not personalities or a quota system of special interests. And my core principles are based on love not hate which is why I won’t name call, cancel, shame or seek to censor on a massive scale! 
What is the American dream! Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness which is my responsibility not the governments mine, uniquely mine! I am grateful to be an American I love my country and if you hate the way I happen to love it that’s OK I will not century you I will not shame you because at my core is love not hate. 
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