Stupid on Steroids

As I reviewed and read the various Executive Orders from President Biden during the first 48 hours I am truly stunned at the complete level of incompetency I am witnessing coming out of this White House.

The very thing that conservatives were worried about is coming at the American people like a never ending array of hit seeking missiles that attack the very core of our American economic foundation.

I will try to keep this short and to the point. This list is how you Make America Stupid Again MASA… it is a glorious display of stupid in writing for all the world to see so let’s to yo the stupid list of Executive Orders shall we?

1. We rejoin WHO, you know the World Health Organization who failed to warn us about the pandemic and then gave China defensive and protective marketing coverage for what will be the death of millions globally. You know the organization that US funded more than any other country in the world. Something about liberals who love to reward failure. The WHO organization is completely corrupt and is nothing more than a mouthpiece for China for which we now get to pay for.

2. We rejoin the Paris Accord where we pay the lion share of the accord, where we go first, and give every nation on earth competitive advantages over our interests. Where we take loans from China to give China a 20 year advantage. And this while we have already Implemented and live by the cleanest standards of any of the major countries on earth. This is the biggest Ponzi scheme that was ever created in the history of the world.

3. We rejoined the TPP that on paper looks good but back doors China into another massive competitive advantage over America and will shrink our job force. Here we are back again with a bad trade deals on day one it’s unbelievable what we proved we could do with trade that benefits Americans over the last four years that we are now undoing in 48 hours.

4. Killed the Keystone pipeline, which will cause more pollution for moving oil by rail, trucks and tankers. Will drive energy costs up, will shift is back to dependence on foreign oil and no affordable green energy formula to replace. Plus we ticked off Canada our largest trade partner and closest national friends. Every single thing about this one decision is wrong and has such big impact everywhere. It makes no sense but stupid is what stupid does.

5. Increase Corporate Taxes by 35% so now companies have less money to hire people and expand markets. This will impact 401k’s and start to send the stock market on downward trend. This from a government that over spends under delivers and depends on the private sector to create jobs. Only a politician who never created a job can come up with something this stupid.

6. Increase small business taxes by 30% at a time of Covid when the government already shut down and or limited their businesses. So what little they have left the government wants more. This is not only stupid but it is cruel.

7. Capital gains tax raised 100% wiping out investors from wanting to invest in new businesses and sending trillions of dollars brought back into the US back outside the US again. this is beyond stupid.

8. The fine for not being able to afford insurance is now back again. One of the most stupid liberal laws ever conceived that impacts the poor at a disproportionate rate. It’s absolutely disgusting!

9. And of course transgender bathroom and transgender playing on women’s sports team is a massive national priority as it affects a staggering number of Americans. In this case .0006% of the American population. This totally flies in the face of women’s rights. This from liberals who always claim to protect women basically want men with wigs to be able to go in women’s women’s bathrooms and play on women’s sports teams. This is stupidity on cocaine.

10. Killed the match pricing of drugs sold at lower pricing to other countries at a time of Covid when lower drug costs would be a life saver. This stupid and cruel to for example the tens of millions of Americans who are diabetics and who need insulin cost reductions now. Once again America takes care of the world by abusing its own people.

Of course if you really wanna understand stupid think about this. The liberals want to impeach President Trump who is now “citizen” Trump and is not even in office. The idea of impeachment is to get somebody out of office who’s in office. Now they’re impeaching somebody who’s not in office because… He is Orange? No? Well how about because he was married three times? No? Oh yeah, it’s because Trump said 1/100th of what liberals have been saying about how to violently deal with Trump supporters for the last four years.  Of course the lead Democrat in the House leading the charge from California had sex with a Chinese spy for years, but there’s no there, there. Plus he’s on the national intelligence committee. That’s not intelligence that’s stupidity. Gosh you really can’t make this stuff up.

All of this stuff, from the new Executive Orders, to the impeachment of a person not in office, is the ultimate slap in the face, the ultimate double standard, and the ultimate boomerang the liberals will have to face playing  this very stupid game of political  theater.

And yet the White House the Senate and the entire House of Representatives for unknown reasons are deathly afraid of this one citizen of the United States. Makes you wonder why the corrupt swamp is so afraid. What it does prove to me is this, Donald Trump is more powerful than them all even as a simple citizen. How do I know? By their over reactions.

Just saying the obvious again 😏

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