The Fauci Flip-Flop

I have never seen anybody do the two-step shuffle like Dr. Anthony Fauci. What’s even worse every time he shuffled did a two-step or flip-flop Trump was blame for it.

Let me take you through the flip-flopping the two stepping and the finger-pointing expertise of Dr. Fauci.

Interestingly enough Dr. Fauci is the highest paid person in the US government. Yep it’s true he makes more than even the President of the United States. There’s interesting things about his background but those get into conspiracy theories and I usually avoid conspiracy theories like a rabid dog. Mainly because I just don’t like them and they make me look stupid if I repeat them. Interestingly enough I can look stupid on my own without any help of a conspiracy theory but that’s a whole Nother story.

When President Trump was told about the seriousness of the virus he stopped all Travel from China eventually that travel restriction affected other countries in the world including the United Kingdom. Which interesting is Dr. Fauci recommended against the move saying that it was perfectly safe to fly on planes. Obviously if we had the virus here in the United States it didn’t swim across the ocean by itself it actually had to get on a plane and get here. What Dr. Fauci couldn’t figure out Donald Trump understood in two seconds.

Sometime in February there was a discussion about the importance of mask wear is just wear them or not you can find the video clips of Dr. Fauci saying no mask are not needed. Of course Donald Trump repeated what his medical expert said and when it was determined that mask were needed it was all Donald Trump‘s fault. Of course you can find a video tape of when Dr. Fauci change his position. It should be interesting to note now Dr. Fauci has changed his position again on mask and says that everybody should be double mask. As if one mask wasn’t difficult to breathe through to mass pretty much makes it impossible but that’s a whole other matter.

In March news reporters and anchors of news shows asked Dr. Fauci about the public safety of restaurants, bars, public places, sporting events and so forth. Dr. Fauci said it was perfectly OK. Stating that much of these places were outdoors and the virus did not travel well in outdoor environments. Of course Donald Trump said the same thing following the lead of his medical expert on the subject. Nancy Pelosi even went to Chinatown to declare everything was fine and safe. If I did it interesting that she went to Chinatown but that’s a whole other story. Of course Trump then got blamed for it all when Dr. Fauci once again changed his opinion again about social distancing. Of course a new South Korean study came out yesterday that showed that Covid could be passed around in five minutes at 20 feet apart not 6 feet apart as Dr. Fauci had stated. Oh my Dr. Fauci ‘s going to be wrong again.

Dr. Fauci said that there was no way that we would have a vaccine in a year and President Trump stated and yet Trump created a system where the vaccine was produced on time and under budget, and streamlining all of the government processes for testing, approving and distribution of the vaccine. Imagine that Donald Trump with no expertise created a system that Dr. Fauci could even imagine could be accomplished. Dr. Fauci at the time said it would take 2 to 4 years for the vaccine to come out.

Of course Governor’s of states like New York said there is no way they would ever implement the Trump drug that was produced that fast. Of course now that governor can’t get the drug fast enough. And of course he is now taking credit for distributing it. President Biden and Kamala Harris said that the drug would be dangerous and it would never take anything approved by the Trump Administration. Interestingly enough Biden took credit for the whole thing this week.

And at one point in time Dr. Fauci said Donald Trump couldn’t do more than what he was doing no one could he was doing it all. Of course now that Dr. Fauci is with a Biden administration he says the opposite.

If it wasn’t for the fact that all this was on tape it might go unnoticed by most, but it certainly didn’t go unnoticed by me. There’s something dishonorable about a person who flip-flops the president repeats what Dr. Fauci says and Dr. Fauci doesn’t come to the rescue of Donald Trump and said don’t blame Donald I was the one who said it and I got it wrong that’s part of medicine and part of science. But he did not step up and take any responsibility.

What did happened is something that I have seen often on life. Where a person through their silences blames another for the mistakes that they made in hopes that no one will realize they were the ones who made the mistakes.

Now when I see Dr. Fauci I see a dishonorable man. Who in his medical profession flip-flops back-and-forth as he is guessing his way through to a solution. I get that he hast to guess at things and that doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t bother me in particular that he was wrong often. What bothers me is that he allowed President Trump to take the full blame for it.

I know that Dr. Fauci is a small man but he is even smaller in my eyes for not excepting part of the responsibility for the advice he was giving to the President of the United States.

So here we have the top paid person in the US government who got it wrong on all the major issues related to Covid. Even worse was the fact that he allowed the media to make statements that President Trump caused the death of 300,000 Americans.

People seem to fail to recognize that President Trump did not make the virus did not release the virus that all came from China. There was nothing that President Trump could do to stem the tide. He ordered through emergency order ventilator systems to be produced to the right never in the history of the world he did a travel ban he shut down businesses he really did it all.

But it’s a virus it’s like telling people that the government is going to create a system to stop the flu, well that’s just not gonna happen. They’ve been trying to stop the flu for 60 years and I no closer to stopping it than they were when they started the project.

Heck even I can go on record and state that everybody on the planet is going to catch Covid and there’s nothing that’s gonna stop it. It’s a virus that’s what viruses do. Heck, I bet you it even gets to the astronauts on the special station.

And here’s a thing that should be obvious to you, the Press knows all this, they don’t care, this was not about the truth, this was about an ideology. There ideology trumps the truth in this case they hated Trump and their ideology could not allow them to ever report the truth fairly. And that’s exactly what happened the truth was masked it’s a simple as that.

In fact when it came to Covid hiding the truth was the only mask that worked.

Just saying the obvious once again. 😏

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