The Abuser doesn’t get to be the victim

The more I watch and observe the liberals in action the more I feel like I’m starting to live in a Third World country. What’s even more interesting is my Democrat friends who are truly my friends can’t seem to see what I am seeing, nor can they feel what I am feeling. It’s an interesting phenomenon to be sure. This is because I know it’s real and I know others feel the same way as I do and it’s real to them and yet there is a whole category of people who simply cannot see it.
Of course we have all seen, or read about this kind of situation throughout history many times before. The thing that is bothersome to me is the simple fact that this is happening in my lifetime, and in my country. And thus it is happening to me, and now that makes it personal, like seriously in my face personal.
What I can say is this. What I am seeing and what I am feeling is very unsettling in my mind. I honestly feel that my American way of life is under siege. And it bothers me that too many people cannot see what I am seeing, nor do they seem to have the ability to hear what I am hearing. It’s like an ideology block, where their ideology desensitizes them to everything that a person of the opposite ideology is seeing and feeling and hearing.
The self declared Socialists along with the hard left Liberals who have hijacked the democratic party are in my opinion a clear and present danger to everyone. Many of my close Democratic friends are just now beginning to understand what they may have really voted into office. They tell me they were so focused on who they wanted to get out of office, that they didn’t fully see or understand what they put into office. 
When Donald Trump was swept in the office in 2016 it was to clean up the swamp. Intuitively I knew there was a swamp there, I just didn’t understand it’s, breath, depth and nor it’s global scope. The more I saw Donald Trump focus on common sense policies, the more I saw the deep state of the swamp attack him personally, taking everything he said out of context as often as they could do it, and did so without any shame or remorse. While he focused on policy his enemies focused on his personality. Creating a false identity of a person who actually didn’t exist but came became real for millions of Americans who were duped by the worlds greatest propaganda machine the American liberal media. 
For the first time in my life I now feel like I’m on a “list.” A political hit list. I’m not say this because I think I’m somebody of importance I say it because I am of no importance and yet I know somehow with a big tech companies know who every person is that they think belongs on the list. When I see every day Americans who are my friends being censored or canceled I think to myself what the heck, this is stuff you read about in your history books in Germany in the 1930’s.  is shocking my liberal friends can’t see it because 15 years ago they would have absolutely thought this kind of ideology with every fiber of there being. But something changed and what they would never tolerate they now tolerate for the greater good of a flawed ideology.
Even more disturbing is the double standard that is applied across-the-board from how things are reported to even how the justice system works. And what they did to Donald Trump they are now doing to a person like me, a nobody of no consequence. Sure I write postings on Facebook that people like, but what the media propaganda machine is doing is taking millions who are just like me and you, and casting us in the worst possible light. It’s false, it’s misleading, it’s dangerous, and it causes hate towards us that is not real, nor justified, nor is it American. I don’t know how many times I have to tell somebody I’m not a racist, and when you think about that it’s ridiculous, upsetting, and downright makes my blood boil.
And when you have a Socialist Congresswoman from NY accutally suggest that they need to create funds to “reprogram” a person like me, then you start to understand this is no longer a political game for me. It’s real and if left unchecked and unchallenged its extremely threatening and dangerous! Yet nobody in the main stream media said anything nor did I hear any of my liberal friends say anything they just sat in silence condoning by their silence whatever may happen to anyone like me. 
We are now seeing the extreme use of fear, uncertainty, and doubt used on 50% of the population of the United States. And it is a full court press the hard left. Whatever it is that we are feeling collectively they want to shut it down hard and fast and right now. They do not want their authority to be questioned or their tactics to be known. And for four years we have been brutalized by the left and now finally they act like they’re the victim. Are you kidding me?
What is interesting is they control the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives and the liberal media and they still are in fear of the very thing that they created which is us. They are all in lockstep with their hardcore messaging that is so sophisticated that it changes every three days to 100% control all the narratives. While they implement policies that their party members are not paying attention to but will be subjugated to in ways that will be startling even to them. 
At the same time they are censoring silencing shaming and canceling any voice other than their own. They do believe in free speech as long as it’s there free speech, my free speech is of little consequence to them as I just don’t have the right ideology for the purposes. Their ideology if it can justify that, will eventually justify anything. 
All this will become apparent to everyone quickly because if everyone looks at the executive orders from just this week alone it is going to absolutely hammered the economy in a negative way. And in a blink of an eye we are all going to be wards of the State. The Covid response to save lives has also absolutely destroyed livelihoods. Large corporations have been saved at the expense small businesses that have been utterly wiped out. Creating a situation like done in other socialist country around the world where millions have to depend on the State because the State wipe their means of income out.
The abuser, abuses and the victim is then victimized again while the abuser claims that they have always been the victim. Like in the movie the matrix if you take the red pill you can see everything if you take the blue pill you see only what you’re allowed to see and what you’re allowed to see is what you are program to feel and believe.
And this is why my friends to the left of me have no idea how I feel or what I am seeing. And this is exactly what happened in Germany in the 1930s when friends saw their friends taken away and could do nothing to help because the dye was already cast.
You would think if you were forming a more perfect union that your freedoms would increase but something happened when somebody declare the words we are fundamentally going to change America. That was a rallying cry for liberals who believe the state and the government should be in more control of our personal lives. Rather than the every day average American deciding what was best for them best for their lives and best for their business. 
When the government can dictate how many people I can have in my family over for Thanksgiving dinner do you know something is wrong. Not a little wrong but big time wrong, that’s just not right and that’s just not America.
When we see our Representatives in DC all of a sudden this week wanting to approve sending trillions of dollars around the world when we’re trillions of dollars in debt, you know that doesn’t make common sense and will lead to nothing but massive upheaval at home.
And everything that makes common sense we are told makes no sense and that our overlords know what’s best for us. The overlords of the media, the overlords of politics, and the overlord big tech globalists.
And behind all of this there are political deals that clearly benefit China at our expense. And that makes me wonder why? And where this complete lack of common sense is leading us. Where ever it is it’s not a good place and that should be obvious to everyone.
I refuse to allow those who are the abusers to switch roles and now claim that they are the victims. So I’m gonna use my little teeny tiny nothing of a voice to speak up and speak out and hope that all of you will do the same. We don’t have to agree on every point, nor should we, but we can a agree on the main points. The biggest point is America is not a socialistic nation we are free people we are born to be free, and free we will stay. 
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