Slaves of the state

As I sit here late this evening I have been contemplating the state of our nation. I think about the divide, the policies, and the power the few over the many.
I have a love of country that has no end, and a distain for an abusive government that also seems to have now become endless. So much power not only in the hands of the few, but in the hands of the inept.
The number of executive orders introduce in a week were staggering but the nature of the actual executive orders were for me shocking. With a stroke of a pen trillions of dollars were committed with no debate, and with no checks and balances. The shift is so dramatic that we are transferring our nations wealth around the world within a blink of an eye. The federal government now has even more power than ever before to regulate everything in our personal lives and our business lives. And regulations raise the costs of everything that regulations touch.
The government continues to get bigger, and the bigger it gets, the smaller the people become. Regulations are done now more through bureaucratic agencies than through as acts of Congress. This means regulations which become law are not done by lawmakers but done by bureaucrats. In fact most regulations are done without even the knowledge of the Congress. Over the last four years the number of reductions and regulations where reduced massively to get rid of duplications, lack of speed, and costs. The cost reduce to each American family was $3000 per year.
The one thing we have not been able to figure out is how to make the government smaller and more efficient and provide better services at better value. The reason for this is the government doesn’t compete with any entity. Which means it doesn’t have a reason to improve because it can’t lose its job or it’s business. If it wants to increase it sells it doesn’t have to press a new product that doesn’t have to do a better job of marketing or provide better services it’s simply increases its taxes which is it’s business. The government never looks at its responsibility of reducing its ways and costs only its responsibility to tax at the rate of its overspend and inefficiency. For 60 years it has never yet figured out how to tax enough which is why we have a $27 trillion national debt.
So I want you to think about what the executive orders did this week. It increased taxes for all, and increased energy costs for all, it increased minimum wage for government workers, and the combination of all that increased the cost of every product Americans buy. In doing so we made the American poor, poorer and shifted millions of Americans from self reliance to state reliance. I don’t know if it’s heartless by design or sheer stupidity or a combination of both. But whatever it is, it’s impact will be felt quickly and the markets will react at the same speed in a downward direction.
This week we entered into agreements internationally that committed us to trillions of dollars throughout the world at a time of Covid for the American people. We’re back to this delusional state again we’re going to go save the world when we can’t even save our own country. And we’re actually giving other countries money we do not have. We literally do not have it so we have to borrow it.
If that wasn’t bad enough, we have these smart policies that require people from other nations to take a Covid tests before they even get in a flight to fly into our country to protect our citizens. Yet on our Southern border were about ready to allow illegal aliens to simply enter into the country with no Covid testing, with no background check of criminal records and with no proof of their intentions and once inside the boundaries of our country we are back to the insane mess caused by catch and release policies that are massively abusive to the citizens of this country. With an already strained medical system and job markets. Our unemployment is now rising quickly, our welfare roles are now spiking and yet we are going to do something profoundly hurtful to the American people by treating illegals with more benefits than our suffering Americans.
At a time when we were just starting to actually compete on a level playing field with the rest of the world, in a blink of an eye and with a stroke of a pen we just made all of our products and services uncompetitive on the global stage.
What is surprising is we can all see how the few can literally bankrupt the country of the many without our voices ever being heard. The elite 500 plus so-called leaders in Washington DC can literally collapse our economy in such away that it will force socialism to overrun capitalism.
A tactic of socialism is overwhelm the systems. Every system we have is now being overwhelmed because it all costs more than we have. For me as I look at it, it seems now that it is being done on purpose, that it is being done by design. And when I look at these new executive orders, honest to God they seem like they will collapse the system. Not immediately but in ways from which there is little escape or return. 
It’s an interesting process to watch how socialist work. The way to make capitalism fail is to slowly introduce socialism into every sector of our economy to the point where capitalism collapses on the weight of the costs of socialism. This is not because capitalism failed but because socialism caused it to fail. Even worse those who caused it to fail can simply say capitalism failed, when in truth it was socialism that failed capitalism.
But it gets worse for America. Because if capitalism fails in the United States it will fail everywhere. This is because our failure will make the markets collapse worldwide. And the United States in a blink of an eye will become the most hated country on earth and American capitalism will be to blame for what socialism did. 
There is a myth out there that somehow if we tax the rich all this just goes away magically. Let me just share with you some quick math. If you took 100% of the income of the top 5% in the United States it would only pay 2 months of the governments expense. If you took away from the same group 100% of their wealth it would only pay for the governments expense for nine months. So the idea that we can tax our way out of this by taxing the rich is a fallacy. The figures never lie, but liars always figure. Socialist are liars and when they take power they lied every step of the way to get there.
Socialism is great until it has used up the money of others, then it is horrific. So here is a news flash if we used up 100% of the entire asset base of the rich we would still be in $27 trillion in debt and the interest on that debt alone will eventually eat up 100% of what we all pay in taxes. And then what? By the time we get to the end of 2021 we will be $30 trillion in debt. And this is not just Democrats who have created this national debt but Republicans are equally guilty as well. These elites are truly inept.
For a country that hates the idea of slavery for which we fought a civil war over we have all become slaves of a debt created by the 500+ elites in DC for five decades who can’t seem to do anything that is based on simple commonsense. We have political math which is 6+8= it doesn’t matter! But it does matter.
In an odd twist of fate about politics, politicians who should be ashamed and embarrassed based on the results, because they can’t seem to get in front of the cameras fast enough to talk about how they’re going to fix the very thing they have broken. And what is it they have broken?Well they broken America. We are not the land of the free, we are officially debt slaves of the state. And we are not the home of the brave for we are cowards to allow this kind of nonsense to continue on.
When the people are brave we will be free again, until then we are coward slaves of a government that has abused the nations wealth and in doing so places us all including our children in harms way.
It’s not fun to express this but it’s true and until we speak the commonsense truth we will be slaves of the political, media and tech elites who are now embolden to reduce free speech for correct speech, and correct speech for cancelled speech.
So speak your truth quickly before your truth cannot be spoken and you become a bigger slave of the state.
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