Why Liberal should defend me

Why you should like me and defend me if you are Liberal and even more so if you are a Democrat.  I am a conversative. I like being one too. I am not ashamed of it. I do not think I am way off in my thinking and my views are pretty basic and I feel even mainstream. I know that may come as a shock too many to the left of me, but I have found that those who are center left and center right have more in common with each other than the extreme views of the left and the right. We have a very bad habit of unfairly lumping everyone who is not who we are into the extreme views of the left or the right. Let me give you a few quick examples.


If I was on the left, I might be tempted to call everyone on the right the KKK, white supremist and racist. I know that there are racists, white supremist and KKK members, but to be honest with as many people as I know I do not know anyone who is racist, I just do not. I also know there are murderers, but I do not know any of them either for the very same reason, there is just not a lot of them. I do not know any Republications or conservatives who knowingly would embrace them into their group. They are groups that are equally rejected by the left and the right.


If I was on the right, I might be tempted to call everyone on the left Antifa, rioters who burned down America for a year. I know there are rioters and people who burn and destroy, but again as many people as I know I do not know anyone who is a rioter, I just do note. I know they are there as I see it on TV, but I do not know any Democrat who would embrace them into their group. These rioters are equally rejected by the right and the left.


Those who do not want the center and right and the center left work hard to make sure that we see each other through falsehoods and lies for the simple reasons of power, greed, and money. It is always those three elements that are the drivers of the fake everything we see.


Now this gets me to my point. If you do not think like me you owe it to America to nevertheless defend my right to free speech, my right to not be censored, or cancelled or my livelihood taken from me. If it is taken from me, it will be taken from you. Unless you are on the receiving end of these tactics you think it’s nothing, but it is something if you are me. I have all sorts of people I disagree with. But never once did I think there was any justification to censor them or cancel them or harm their business. That is not American in fact it is everything America ever fought against. I have plenty of friends on the right of me who defend me, because they know as well and can feel the cancel culture impacting their lives and the lives of their friends. It is hurtful.


Let me tell you a story. About group of people who were shamed, cancelled, censored, and marked. The media lied about them and citizens turn against them, lifelong friends shunned them. Those who saw them as fellow citizens silently watched as it got worse and worse for this group of people. Then something happened, the intensity picked up, the hate grew, and they were gathered up into groups. The people around them watched not knowing what in the end really happen to this group of people. The media continue its unfair, untruthful fake news about this group. Soon this group of people who hated were shipped by railways cars to camps for their own protection or, so they were told, and the nation was told. Wars spread from nation to nation, until the war was engulfed into a war known as WW2. Germany lost that war, and this is when the world began to know the truth of what happened to millions of Jews throughout Europe who one day went missing. The camps were death camps not to protect but to create what we now know as the Holocaust. US commanders seeing the horror of one of these camps we so overcome with anger they went to the nearest down to the camp and forced the citizens to come bury the dead within those camps. The citizens had no idea of the horror found within.


How did this start? Well first people lost the ability to speak then the ability to defend and the ability to support their families. Once reduced to nothing they were led like sheep to the slaughter, and by the millions they were slaughtered, men, women, children, infants. None were spared. Think it cannot happen again? Well human history has one very bad quality, it repeats itself and each time it does it out does the horror of what happened before it.


This is why you want to defend me. You would be wrong to silence me, cancel me or shame me. The few always lead to the destruction of the many and the many or those who are quiet when they should speak out. Of any group that should be for free speech it should be the left and yet oddly the vast majority are comfortably too quiet. The justification for this is simply this… There is none.

I do not like the KKK or Antifa they have plenty in common born from their hate as do the center left and center right with their common sense. But here is the deal even with hate groups that I dislike I know it is smarter to hear them and allow their speech to be protected than have that speech go underground.


So, if you are a democrat or a liberal be smart do not get caught up on the hate train against conservatives, they have more in common with you than the extreme left or right. Do not let the hate by the few justify being silent watching rights slowing being taken away. It will be different here in America to take rights away, because in this country nobody is going to go like a lamb to their own slaughter. So, before the extremes views of the few start to take the rights of the many away stop it… You will want me on your side as I want you on my side.

Just saying the obvious again… It is always a great day to be an American…

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