Fernando Cabrera OP ED on Gay Marriage

Throughout my life, I have dedicated myself to being a pastor, father, husband, and public servant
whose values and beliefs are deeply rooted both in faith and love. As a leader in the Bronx, I take
tremendous pride in fighting for more affordable housing, safer streets, better jobs, and economic
justice, all in an effort to make the Bronx a better place for our families and children.
Along this journey, I’ve been humbled and inspired by the countless lessons my fellow pastors,
council members, and, of course, members of our community have taught me – none more
important than the lesson to embrace change while staying true to yourself, your beliefs, and your
I have taken these lessons to heart, especially as they relate to issues confronting my brothers and
sisters in the LGBTQ community. For years, I’ve supported this community through coalitiondriven effort, legislative action, and budget allocations to pro-LGBTQ community groups around
the city.
My work around these issues has earned the respect of LGBTQ leaders, including those here in
the Bronx. I was proud to hear the Bronx LGBTQ Center’s Executive Director, Sean Coleman,
say: “Councilman Fernando Cabrera has been a committed ally for Destination Tomorrow: The
Bronx LGBTQ Center. His support of the lifesaving work we do for those Bronx residents that
identify as LGB/TGNC has been essential in obtaining the resources we needed to grow.”
While acknowledging my work and track record in the community is important, I also
acknowledge that my position on gay marriage has at times been questioned, so I wanted to set the
record straight. I resoundingly support and respect the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage
and respect the right of any New Yorker to marry whomever they love and choose to start a
partnership with. This issue is settled law of the land. Period.
Looking ahead I will continue to be a tireless advocate for all residents of the Bronx in my capacity
as a pastor, elected official, and community leader. With the help of our community, I hope to raise
the bar even higher for what we can do as a society by staying true to our beliefs, embracing change
and fighting for social justice.
Councilmember Fernando Cabrera

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