The boondoggle found within the Minimum Wage

So, we have yet another Biden boondoggle that is found within his proposed minimum wage of $15 per hour. It is one of those great liberal bumper sticker slogans that does that very opposite of what the liberals want you to believe it will do. So, let’s see if we can unpack what happens when you introduce a national minimum wage. And why it does more harm than good, why it destroys the middle class, small business, and rewards big corporate America.

The reason we have a Republic is because we have States. The whole idea of State Government was it gave America a unique advantage in that each State was different and could try different things unique to the needs of that State. They could implement different laws related to a whole host of issues for the benefit of those within that State. States have very different natural resources, cultures, accents, music and even foods. They have different temperatures, and many are land locked while some are ports of entry. They have different populations and different elevations; some have snow others deserts while others have hills compared to those who have mountains.

Several years ago, I took a 7,777-mile road trip around the United States. I saw the differences in States every time I stopped at a truck stop for gas. The menus would vary, the music would change, and the accents would be different. Heck even the clothing would be different some from cowboy hats, wrangler jeans, and Justin cowboy boots to flip flops, shorts, and t-shirt.

Every State had a different State Flower and Bird. It was for me a true understanding of America the beautiful everything was beautiful in its own very unique way. One thing that was common everywhere I went was the American Flag. That was my favorite part. No matter what State I was in I was in an American State, the United States.

Now if you think that the cost of living in every State is the same then you need to get out more. They are different, the price of houses, clothing, food, and gas was constantly changing from one State to the next. Liberals have this very flawed view, that everything is equal, it is not, it never has been and never will be. The reason is simple, there are too many variables. It’s too complex for 535 political elites to manage from Washington DC. The fact is they are clueless. The more they try to central manage everything the more they will fail at everything they try to manage. The fact is the Federal Government has demanded more and more taxes to exercise more and more control over States who need more flexibility not less.

Fifteen-dollar minimum wage full time job is $30k per year. By the way if you want to know what you make annually based on your hourly wage just times it by two. In this case $15 x2 =30k or $8 x 2 =16k. So next time a lawyer tells you they want $300 per hour = $600k. I always like a frame of reference.

The cost of living in New York City, Boston and San Francisco is way different than say rural towns across America. Again, this is why we have State laws. Heck even within States counties are different. Government is best served locally and not from DC.

So, we raise the rates that impact owners of small business who hire a few kids to clean up the store and stock shelves at $8. They do not have the extra $7 dollars to pay, so guess what they do? The do the work themselves instead of the 60 hours they work to make the business work they now go up to 75 hours per week. And the kids lose their jobs. Plus, the small shop owner cannot pass the cost to the consumer because it makes them non-competitive with the big stores which is why the big companies love this hike in the minimum wage because it forces small businesses to close up shop and gives them more market share. So big government protect big business and small business owners are wiped out. Of course, small business owners are the core of middle-class America. If you wipe them out you have basically wiped out what makes America so unique, small business owners.

Small business already we hammered by government Covid response mandates and now the $15 minimum wage puts a nail in the coffin of this very unique group of Americans who risked all for their small slice of the American dream. The government CBO said that this new minimum wage will reduce 1.5 million jobs and will increase the cost of products and service to the consumer. Again, all this at a time of Covid. This will increase the unemployment rate; it will increase the welfare rolls will impact consumer confidence.

Here is another liberal lie… The minimum wage is not a livable wage. Well duh, it was not supposed to be, a livable wage it was supposed to be great job for kids. When a liberal says that, let me tell you a secret, it means they do not know how to create jobs with livable wages, they only know how to increase wages of kids.

Biden is not fixing anything by doing this, he is breaking things and his liberal friends do not understand, which is how the economy works. These political elites in DC who have been doing things wrong for 40 years want to continue to abuse States, small businesses, and everyday Americans because they do not represent the little guy. Their power and wealth come from corporate American and foreign corporations. So here are the wonderful benefits for the Biden plan on the minimum wage

  1. Unemployment goes up
  2. Product and service costs go up
  3. Those on welfare go up
  4. Inflation goes up
  5. Small business failure goes up
  6. Big business gains yet a competitive advantage
  7. A black market is created for cash under the table earning

Liberal policies are flawed, if you want to prove go to any big town America and look what liberals did to these once magnificent cities, with homeless, food lines, drugs, and violent crime all up. This is because to a liberal all you have to do to solve it is throwing money at it… Money will not solve the cancer that is found in liberalism and socialism…

Just saying the obvious once again… Liberalism only works within the mind of a liberal a wealthy one. For everyone else it over time is a nightmare.

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