Mayor de Blasio rides a subway on the day Governor Cuomo announces less hours of subway closure

Mayor de Blasio Rode the Subway From 86th Street to City Hall and Greets Police Officers on Patrol and Riders.

By Robert Press

On the day that Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that on February 22nd the MTA will be increasing overnight subway service hours from a closure of 1 AM – 5 AM to a closure of just 2 AM – 4 AM with the hopes of restoration of full overnight subway service in the not to distant future, Mayor Bill de Blasio rode a subway train from 86th Street to City Hall. Will Mayor de Blasio continue to ride the subway to City Hall, that will have to be seen.  

Above – Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks with police officers assigned to ride the subways after the events that recently happened on the A line.

Below – Mayor de Blasio speaks with some riders on the subway.

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