Immigration a license to kill

I am a pretty typical conservative. I am not the cartoon character the press loves to proclaim that promotes their various forms of hate and intolerance. I am around conservatives all the time and I have never meet or known of any that press proclaims we are. It’s one of the many reasons I believe the press is fake because what they say about me is a lie. Not a little lie, but I big lie.
So, I want to portray for my friends to the left of me what people to the right of them like me think about when we talk about illegal immigration. To do that let me first get rid of the BIG LIES the press portrays about people like me and my friends.
1. Conservatives are not against immigrants or immigration.
2. For conservatives this has zero to do with race, culture, language, or religion.
3. Conservatives are for legal immigration from all nations, cultures and languages and religions.
4. Conservatives want the rule of law to be equally applied without any double standards.
5. Conservatives believe the country has a right to know who is coming and why with a complete background check to validate their needs against our needs.
6. Conservatives believe that immigration policy should be designed to protect Americans and their interests from a social, economic, and national security interest.
Now for me that is pretty basic and simple. It is so basic and simple that most nations of the earth have this has their most basic guideline. So, the question is why is this such an issue in the United States. Well, it’s simple if you follow the money trail of anything and everything when nothing makes sense in politics.
So, who profits the most when illegal immigration is used and then abused? Well, the answer to that question is simple and obvious. It is the cartels and the various businesses they profit from and who they pay to influence a simple turn of the head to ignore that which should never be ignored.
The cartel has lots of businesses all of them are god awful and deal in a large-scale operation of human suffering. And messing with the cartel is stupid and dangerous at every level. Frankly, they are a terrorist organization that murders daily, and their dirty money is everywhere and influences everything. At the very heart of the swamp that is Washington DC is greed and greed is about money and the power that money brings. Anytime you see a law being ignored, someone, somewhere is getting paid off and paid off big time. For the cartel paying people off is a small cost of doing business.
The key to the cartel’s business is illegal immigration. This is because everything in their enterprise model is illegal, and it is frankly easier to hide all their drugs, and human trafficking in the massive movement of illegal immigrants. Illegal immigration and the policies that protect it cause a million times more human suffering than it falsely claims to solve. This naïve liberal thinking has created a death machine that is not tracked counted or monitored. If it were counted and truly reported like Covid counts during the Trump administration the outcry would be overwhelming to stop the insanity of it all. But it is masked and hidden because it designed to hide the money trails of the swamp.
For example, illegal drug deaths in the US are 70,000 per year, which is greater than the 50,000 that died of Covid. Which is different than the 500,000 that died with Covid and nobody knows how many died with drugs in their system but not of the drugs.
But that is the tip of the iceberg. Drug related arrests average 200,000 per year. With over 10,000 murders related to drugs, and billions in theft related to drug abuse. It is costing us billion in the legal process and the massive toll of human suffering is truly unknown because it is so epic in size and scope. The cartel drug business worldwide alone is between $400 to $650 billion worldwide.  It is massive, so issues like the border wall and making it difficult to use human mules to cross our borders is bad for business.
Mixed in with all this is human trafficking, sex slaves, endless rapes, child abuse and executions. To keep that pipeline open, human trafficking is a required tool of the cartels. The business of human trafficking worldwide is $150 Billion. In total this is a trillion-dollar enterprise and is the largest business on earth. Think about that for a moment. Human suffering is the world’s largest business.
So, to exploit the emotions of the American people Children are used as pawns to open the borders wide. They are young, abused and are brought to the border without parents? Think about the cartel systems that takes kids from parents and sends them to the border to them use adult human mules to traffic in drugs and sex slaves. Mixed within all that is MS-13 and other gang members who then use the threat of murder to use good people to hide within the sheep and to cross into the border in waves. Add to that lawyers paid by the cartels to “protect the immigrants’ rights” by using our legal systems and using naive liberal thinkers who believe that somehow, they are creating a better world. Frankly, liberalism protects the system of abuse by allowing it to happen. They protect no one and in the end exploit everyone. This is the fatal flaw of liberal thinking they believe they can cure evil by working with it. This thinking Make Cartels Great Again (MCGA) is at the expense of American lives and treasure!
If you want to stop the flow of water, you must turn off the water spicket. If you want to stop the flow of drugs, human trafficking, rape, abuse, murder shut the spicket off which is our borders. Once any of that crosses the border money flows back the other way. Open the border wide and the pipeline of money to support endless misery is there for the cartel to simply take.
Honestly for a smart as America can be for the last 60 years it has been dumber than a rock lead by those who are dumber than a bag of rocks. What made American stupid? Politics, the politics of greed. And if you do not see the connection to illegal immigration and all this needless human suffering then you are the problem and you are the exploiter of women, and children. If you use illegal drugs, then you support the trafficking you speak so passionately about. And I am sorry to say but that is not only hypocritical, but it is diabolical as well.
We just opened the borders again, decided to not finish the fence and just this week a truck hauling human through a gap in the fence resulted in the deaths of all those within the truck. We have 400 kids showing up per day without parents. And the cartel paying for t-shirts with Bidens name on them. Who do you think pays for all that human movement, and food? And those that cannot afford to pay owe the cartel and they will get the money back from them all when the cross the border. Some of these people have to cross five other countries to get to ours. If they are truly running from political persecution, then they can stay at any of those other countries. But they are not running from something they are running towards something… The money of the US. The bank for the cartel. Do you think the cartel wants their mules in Panama, Guatemala, Mexico? Nope they have to get them to the US that is where the money is at.
Our political elites in DC are at the core of this corruption. They make no sense and have no understanding of cause and effect. They are the problem. Solutions that are easy become impossible when greed is used to pay everyone off. And when greed does not work the threat of death does. Illegal immigration is a license given by this new administration to kill.
So, when you see the nonsense going on at the border today, please know if you believe in illegal immigration and open borders you are naïve to the point of being dangerous. So back to my point.
Being conservative is not what the press claims it is the opposite. And why is the press not talking about this like me?
Simple, follow the money trail. They are bought and paid for like DC. How do I know this? Simple because good people do not let this stuff happen and now you know yet other reason the corrupt press had to hate Trump, because closing the border to illegal activity slowed down the exchange of a trillion-dollar transfer of funds to those in the press who cannot see beyond their own greed at the expense of millions of lives. It is a human tragedy that money could afford to hid.
And now you know why I am a conservative and not a liberal. I love immigration and all things that are legal and I despise those who use the kindness of others to exploit them in a endless chain and cycle of abuse. Liberalism keeps the cartels alive because frankly the cartels are know how to use liberal thinking to justify the abuse of millions.
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