American Freedom is an Illusion

It is a painful reality when you begin to understand and process that today your God given right to your American freedom are merely an illusion. It is an illusion created by elected representatives who had sworn to protect and defend the Constitution.  Instead of protecting our freedoms over time they decided to slowly remove the freedoms we once had. They could not change the Constitution, but they could change the rules by which they ran congress, the courts, the elections, and the power they granted to themselves. In doing so they have through the use of laws as a group made themselves untouchable, unaccountable, and unredeemable.

The more power they took the more mistakes they made. The more freedoms they stripped away, the more they could classify anything and everything from the public. They could and have masked all the mistakes they had made and continue to make. They created House and Senate rules that slowed everything down, created committees that created conflict, and created a war between two factions that wanted to retain power that was gain from political favors that rewarded family and friends. To retain their party power, they divided the American people using every tool available to them. They abused the various government agencies by used their funding power of those agencies to control and direct their unholy alliance. The money trail inside Washington DC is the story of the lust of money, power, and fame.

I love America and Americans. But I have come to despise various corrupt political representatives and even institutions within our government that I once held in high esteem because they have been made political as well.  Overtime in my view these political elites no longer represented the will of the American people. They instead in backroom deals figure out how to represent their own self-interests and create an elite political class with its own rules, benefits, and privileges. They are above the law because they are the law with powers not granted to them by the Constitution, but powers taken in the dead of night.

The failures of these so-called representatives are as staggering as they are monumental. And because they represent us in many ways, we are completely liable for their decisions. If they decide to go to war that is on them but more on us. If they decide to create endless debt that is on them but more on us. Think about the power they have. They control our energy but know little about they do not have to they control energy to control us. They control our economy but cannot run a business. Let that one sink in. They want to control trade, but do not know how to negotiate. They want to control guns for those who obey the laws but do not have a clue how to control through laws the criminal elements of our society. They want to control education, and yet saddle students with government loans they cannot pay back. They want to indoctrinate more than they want to educate. They want to control things they do not understand, have no idea how they work with complex mandates that drive up costs and lower productivity.

What is interesting to me is that the rules by which they govern themselves place them not only above the people they are supposedly serving, but those rules are more important to them than the Constitution they swore an oath to protect. We have more laws than we have the ability to enforce and yet they want more laws, more rules, more mandates, and more executive orders. There are so many laws and rules that every single living American today is breaking one law or another that is on the books. Frankly it’s embarrassing. But this is what happened when political elites feel entitled, it is the same ole story of the lust for power, and the need for greed. It is human nature which is why the Constitution was designed to wage war on this type of human condition. The American people no longer hold the key to the checks and balances of the system. The political elites change the rules the second they feel the American people want their freedom back. That is the point we are not supposed to have political leaders we are supposed to have political representatives. There is no power in representing people there is power however if you lead them. And therein lies the rub, we have people who believe they lead us, rather than represent us. They feel they are enlightened and so therefore they must lead the masses. But they are not enlightened, and we know they are not because of the results. These political elites have created more problems than they solved and broke most things they tried to fix.

To get them do the right thing they would have to give up their power and the money tree they created. And history has shown those in power never react well when it comes to giving up power, they granted unto themselves. We just saw a series of laws, bills, mandates, and executive orders get signed, few of which made any sense. In fact, they are destructive. Find an area of your life where the government is not taking control at some level and I will show you something that they will get to as soon as they find out. The government is not the solution. Today the government is the problem. This is why I trust the American people infinitely more than I trust the government which daily proves to me that I should not be trusting of them.

Just saying the obvious something all of us see and feel about a government built for the political elites at the expense of the people they were supposed to serve.

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