Senators Rivera and Biaggi endorse Mino Lora for City Council

Senators Biaggi and Rivera Endorse Candidate Mino Lora, While Denouncing Outside Money in Bronx City Council Races

By Robert Press

In front of the famous Norwood mural (L-R) State Senators Biaggi and Rivera, with City Council candidate Mino Lora.

What was billed as a press conference for two state senators to endorse a candidate for city council, and bash outside money going to her opponents was held in the senate district of Bronx Democratic Party Leader Jamaal Bailey who is endorsing one of the candidates who is receiving said so called outside money. State Senate candidate Gustavo Rivera was the beneficiary of over $250,000.00 of outside money in his 2010 State Senate bid against Incumbent Pedro Espada and Dan Padernacht, who coincidentally in this city council race. Senator Rivera would tell me after the press conference that he did not receive the money directly, it went into a PAC, which is the same here with the council candidates

Senator Gustavo Rivera was the first elected official to speak, and he began by bashing Bronx Borough President candidate Fernando Cabrera for running against him in 2014 and again in 2016. He then said how outside money influences a race. 

Senator Biaggi was next saying that her opponent in 2018 was the recipient  of outside money, but she failed to mention that she was also the recipient of outside money from several groups who were against her opponents Independent Democratic Conference. She then introduced candidate Mino Lora as a person of truth, integrity, and honesty.

Candidate Lora said this is our Bronx, we are tired of being treated like second class citizens, they are scared of us, and other comments out of the playbook of the Working Families Party who organized this event.  

When candidate Lora finished I said I had a question for her, I repeated it twice that I had a question for her, but a voice said no questions, and members of the Working Families Party then stood in front of me, I once again said I had a question and received the same answer no questions. I then said how can you have a press conference and say no questions. I was the only member of the media who had their recently renewed NYPD press card showing, while there was only one other member of the media, and a photographer for the local paper. 

As for the truth, integrity and honesty, Mino Lora says she founded the People’s Theatre Project (PTP), when in fact on its website it lists Bob Braswell as a co-founder who is listed as living at the same address as Mino Lora. Mr. Braswell donated $275.00 to Ms. Lora’s campaign. In Ms. Lora’s speaking about the People’s Theatre Project one would think it is in the council district or at least the Bronx, but the PTP is in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan. S o M. Lora is taking care of upper Manhattan children, not District 11 children who are very different.

Why was Mino Lora so interested in the Buunni Coffee shop on Riverdale Avenue, on the PTP webpage it lists the owner of Buunni Coffee Ms. Sarina Prabasi as the President of the PTP’s Board of Directors. Ms. Prabasi also donated $175.00 to Ms. Lora’s campaign on 9/18/2020 while her occupation is listed as unemployed. The Riverdale Buunni Coffee Shop closed on January 31, 2021. On 2/5/2021 after the Riverdale Buunni Coffee Shop Closed Ms. Prabasi donated $40.00 to the Lora campaign, again being listed as unemployed. There are three Buunni Coffee Shops that are open, one is located at 4961 Broadway, one is located at 4211 Broadway, and there is a Cafe Buunni located at 213 Pinehurst Avenue.

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